Traveling from Miss to Mrs: A Travel Themed Bridal Shower


My sweet friend Katie is getting married this May; I’m literally so excited! Katie and I met at the University of Georgia my freshman year and didn’t really connect again until about a year into my first job. She reached out to me, kind of out of the blue, about working with me and I’m SO glad because we ended up becoming the best of friends.

K and her beau are world travelers. It’s something they both just love to do and it’s been a huge part of their relationship. So, our other friend, Rachel, and I decided to throw Miss Katie a bridal shower to help her prepare for her upcoming marriage and we thought it was only fitting to have a travel theme!

I have planned a ton of showers in the past! I even wrote a post one time on how to throw a shower in 10 easy steps because I literally have it down to a science haha. But I was super pumped about this shower because I have never done a travel theme and I was excited to see how it would turn out. Also, I usually have to rent a venue out for showers because up until now I’ve lived in an apartment or townhouse, so this was the first time I had my own house that I could host in – talk about feeling grown up!

Here’s all of our travel themed bridal shower goodness (with links for products throughout)!



We wanted our guests to feel welcome and a part of the festivities from the moment they arrived. Our sweet friend Savannah created this sign to match the invitations we sent out!



Katie’s incorporating blush and gold into her wedding decor, so we wanted to be sure to incorporate those colors into our shower decorations as well. I loved this tassel garland because it’s literally the only one I found online that didn’t look cheap, but most importantly also came pre-assembled! #bless I used to be all into DIY-ing everything, but these days, I’m like let’s save time and make life easy!



For extra seating, we brought the chairs from the dining room into the kitchen, and the hearth of the fireplace was the perfect place for everyone to sit their gifts when they arrived!

To shop home decor: Vases | Wall Baskets (large) | Wall Baskets Small



This photo backdrop was super simple, but made for a ton of fun! I just ordered a gold glittery backdrop that the hubs hung up for me, picked up this banner and wrote “Miss to Mrs” on it, so that it would fit with our theme.



Then, of course, we needed some fun photo props.

To shop home decor: Sugar Canister | Coffee Canister | Tan Keuring (currently moved in this photo, but perfect for neutral colored home decor)



Shower food is always one of my favorites. Luckily, my mother-in-law is a super good cook/caterer, so she helped me out with the chicken salad sandwiches and pasta salad. The rest were just easy and yummy finger foods!



I always like to have some personal touches and print and frame some photos that the bride can take home after.



Rachel also made this hot air balloon centerpiece that I thought was just too cute!



You can never go wrong with a mimosa bar! And Rach just bought regular wine glasses and painted the bottoms with chalk paint – how stinkin cute, right?! It’s a fun way for people to get to personalize their glasses, but also for everyone to keep up with their drinks!



Also, how adorable are these suitcase, envelope and globe cookies?!! Two Moms is my FAVORITE (x10) place to buy cookies for events or gifts!



And these favors were super cute and easy. All you have to do is buy the bubbly, and tie on a tag and ribbon! These tags were also created by our friend, Savannah.



I’m not a huge fan of games at showers, but I do think it’s good for people to have a little something to do while mingling. These were fun because everyone got to fill out how “you know you’re at Katie and Nathan’s wedding when _____ happens”. This can turn very funny, so enjoy.



Then Bridal Shower Bingo is always fun! Please ignore my hodge podge of pens… lol lol lol. (These two game designs were also created by Savannah! Anyone else agree that she should prob open an Etsy store?!!)



Prizes for bingo make it a ton more fun! We grabbed some cute luggage tags to fit the theme, but also because who doesn’t love a good luggage tag?



Finally, we had guests write down date night ideas for the bride to draw from when her and the new hubs need some ideas. We also had them address envelopes to themselves and drop them in this suitcase box to make writing thank you cards that much easier after the shower. I highly recommend doing this, because it was done at one of my bridal showers and I was so glad!

We had so much fun showering Katie and I legit can’t wait for her big day!

If you have been looking for some bridal shower inspo, I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out with any questions or even if you need any help with ideas and planning! 🙂


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