Traveling from Miss to Mrs: A Travel Themed Bridal Shower


My sweet friend Katie is getting married this May; I’m literally so excited! Katie and I met at the University of Georgia my freshman year and didn’t really connect again until about a year into my first job. She reached out to me, kind of out of the blue, about working with me and I’m SO glad because we ended up becoming the best of friends.

K and her beau are world travelers. It’s something they both just love to do and it’s been a huge part of their relationship. So, our other friend, Rachel, and I decided to throw Miss Katie a bridal shower to help her prepare for her upcoming marriage and we thought it was only fitting to have a travel theme!

I have planned a ton of showers in the past! I even wrote a post one time on how to throw a shower in 10 easy steps because I literally have it down to a science haha. But I was super pumped about this shower because I have never done a travel theme and I was excited to see how it would turn out. Also, I usually have to rent a venue out for showers because up until now I’ve lived in an apartment or townhouse, so this was the first time I had my own house that I could host in – talk about feeling grown up!

Here’s all of our travel themed bridal shower goodness (with links for products throughout)!



We wanted our guests to feel welcome and a part of the festivities from the moment they arrived. Our sweet friend Savannah created this sign to match the invitations we sent out!



Katie’s incorporating blush and gold into her wedding decor, so we wanted to be sure to incorporate those colors into our shower decorations as well. I loved this tassel garland because it’s literally the only one I found online that didn’t look cheap, but most importantly also came pre-assembled! #bless I used to be all into DIY-ing everything, but these days, I’m like let’s save time and make life easy!



For extra seating, we brought the chairs from the dining room into the kitchen, and the hearth of the fireplace was the perfect place for everyone to sit their gifts when they arrived!

To shop home decor: Vases | Wall Baskets (large) | Wall Baskets Small



This photo backdrop was super simple, but made for a ton of fun! I just ordered a gold glittery backdrop that the hubs hung up for me, picked up this banner and wrote “Miss to Mrs” on it, so that it would fit with our theme.



Then, of course, we needed some fun photo props.

To shop home decor: Sugar Canister | Coffee Canister | Tan Keuring (currently moved in this photo, but perfect for neutral colored home decor)



Shower food is always one of my favorites. Luckily, my mother-in-law is a super good cook/caterer, so she helped me out with the chicken salad sandwiches and pasta salad. The rest were just easy and yummy finger foods!



I always like to have some personal touches and print and frame some photos that the bride can take home after.



Rachel also made this hot air balloon centerpiece that I thought was just too cute!



You can never go wrong with a mimosa bar! And Rach just bought regular wine glasses and painted the bottoms with chalk paint – how stinkin cute, right?! It’s a fun way for people to get to personalize their glasses, but also for everyone to keep up with their drinks!



Also, how adorable are these suitcase, envelope and globe cookies?!! Two Moms is my FAVORITE (x10) place to buy cookies for events or gifts!



And these favors were super cute and easy. All you have to do is buy the bubbly, and tie on a tag and ribbon! These tags were also created by our friend, Savannah.



I’m not a huge fan of games at showers, but I do think it’s good for people to have a little something to do while mingling. These were fun because everyone got to fill out how “you know you’re at Katie and Nathan’s wedding when _____ happens”. This can turn very funny, so enjoy.



Then Bridal Shower Bingo is always fun! Please ignore my hodge podge of pens… lol lol lol. (These two game designs were also created by Savannah! Anyone else agree that she should prob open an Etsy store?!!)



Prizes for bingo make it a ton more fun! We grabbed some cute luggage tags to fit the theme, but also because who doesn’t love a good luggage tag?



Finally, we had guests write down date night ideas for the bride to draw from when her and the new hubs need some ideas. We also had them address envelopes to themselves and drop them in this suitcase box to make writing thank you cards that much easier after the shower. I highly recommend doing this, because it was done at one of my bridal showers and I was so glad!

We had so much fun showering Katie and I legit can’t wait for her big day!

If you have been looking for some bridal shower inspo, I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out with any questions or even if you need any help with ideas and planning! ๐Ÿ™‚


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How to Keep Your Skin Glowing Year Round


So, I’m ashamed to say, that I was that girl in high school and college that tanned alllll the time. No matter what the weather, I had to be tan and honestly, I wasn’t giving much thought to what the tanning bed was doing to my skin.


Me circa 2010 – yikes!

Now at 26, I feel a whole lot different about it. Any time I do hop in the tanning bed, I feel like I instantly look older and I start seeing wrinkles trying to pop out and say hi! No thank you! Not to mention, the sheer risk of getting cancer in the name of being tan is just not worth it.

With that being said, I’m not someone that likes to be pasty and pale. It’s just not a good look, so I started looking for good alternatives. Luckily, I came across the Blush and Glow Studio.


I used to be so skeptical of spray tans… I’ve seen one too many orange and streaky girls in my lifetime. Plus, I’ve had a few from places like Palm Beach that just weren’t so pretty, but Blush and Glow is totally different! First of all, they have their own studio (which is oh so cute btw), so you’re not having to drop in and get naked at someone’s house.


Second of all, their tanning services aren’t one size fits all. For me, I like the blushtan Super Express Glow! For one, I love it because my life is just so busy. I work 40+ hours a week, blog at night, and try to fit in working out, travel, fam, friends, the hubs, wine, etc. lol So the fact that I can shower 2-4 hours after getting the Super Express Glow was a major win for me!


Then, on top of that, it’s kind of a miracle worker! This tan includes caffeine + hyaluronic acid, which didn’t mean much to me at first, but what they are, are natural anti-aging ingredients, so they help minimize the appearance of cellulite (thank the good Lord above!!), wrinkles, acne, dry skin, etc. And finally – they custom mix a color that works well for your skin, so there’s no need to worry about an orange, fake-looking tan.


Basically, they’re amazing… and I’m pretty much in love. They keep me looking pretty and glowing, and all with no harm to my skin.


Unfortunately… they’re only located in Augusta, GA and I know a ton of my readers live all across the country (so sorry loves)! So for those of you, who can’t experience all of this tanning goodness, here are my top 3 at-home self tanners. These definitely aren’t as good as getting a full on, all-natural, custom spray tan, BUT they do work as a little pick me up between tans.

St. Tropez | Clarins | Loving Tan

And if you are lucky enough to live near the Blush and Glow Studio, give them a call, ask for Amanda (she’s seriously the sweetest) and tell her I sent you!!


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10 Reasons I Love My Hubs


Happy Valentine’s Day loves! I hope you are all having the happiest Wednesday imaginable. ๐Ÿ™‚

I told y’all I’m a sucker for V-Day and for love in general, so today, I wanted to show a little love to my very favorite person, my husband.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve written about him a few times on the blog, but in case you’re new here, Bryan and I have been together pretty much forever. We started dating in September of our freshman year of high school, fast forward to 2018 and we’re approaching our 2nd anniversary of marriage! ๐Ÿ™‚

He is a gem of a husband and I adoreeeee him. Here’s a few reasons why!


1. His morning snuggles literally always start my day off on the right foot.

There’s seriously nothing better than being woken up by a big beautiful man coming to spoon and kiss you. I’ll take it over an alarm clock any day!!

2. He’s just so dang handsome.

Not gonna lie… I often think, omg, we’re going to make such cute babies! lol

3. He’s super handy.

Coming from someone who is not so handy (me!!) I can really appreciate someone who knows how to do things with their hands. Things like building me my dining room table, fixing things that are broken in the house and pretty much everything else.

4. He protects me from all of the burglars I swear I hear in our house… all of the time.

I don’t know why y’all, but I am the biggest scaredy cat. I think I hear things in the house all the time and if our dog, Champ, starts barking like crazy, I swear I’m about to be taken. haha Luckily, Bryan doesn’t get scared very often and even though I’m usually anti-gun, I’m pretty glad that he keeps one in the house and can use it.

5. He doesn’t judge me when I have a meltdown in the middle of a diet and need a peanut butter cup sundae stat!

In fact, he drives me there to get it.


6. He’s super thoughtful and respectful.

I can’t tell y’all how lucky I feel to have found someone who is so considerate of how I feel. From going out to get breakfast before I wake up on Sunday morning and cleaning the house top to bottom before I get home from a long business trip, to looking at me when a naked girl comes on the screen in a movie and staying back at the hotel when all the guys go to the strip club on a bachelor trip. I really found a good one.

7. He loves singing along to our favorite songs with me, even though I’m tone deaf.

I don’t know that I’m actually tone deaf, but my grandma once said that when we were singing, we sounded like cows in a hail storm… so you get the picture! We can be in the car, me belting my lungs out and he’s just happily singing along with me. We’re both a sucker for Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden. Remember that one? ha!

8. He gets mad with me during a venting session.

If I have a bad day at the office or if someone upsets me, the first thing I do is go home and vent to B. Nothing makes me feel more vindicated than when he agrees with me and gets mad for me.

9. He challenges me.

I’ve written before about how Bry and I are complete opposites, so from time to time, he challenges me… and I need that. My life would be so boring if he were just passive and agreeable all of the time. When I make a political statement, he’s always sure to ask me why and what information backs up what I’m saying. When I feel like my job is too much, he gives me a little tough love and pushes me to be my best. Not gonna lie… I like a little push back and it really does make me the best version of myself.

10. He loves me.

I know that seems like such a simple thing to say, but isn’t that all we can hope for in this life? To find someone who truly, unconditionally, wholeheartedly loves us?


Truthfully, I could write for days about reasons I love this man, but I think you might get bored and these are some of my favorites. What are your favorite things about your significant other? Comment below!!

I hope you all have a wonderful V-Day!


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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas


The day of love… also known as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! I have so many friends that are like V-Day is such a commercialized Hallmark holiday… I hate flowers and gifts and my boo should show me love every day of the year. Well… call me a sucker, but I love Valentine’s Day! There’s just something so sweet about a day dedicated just to love. In case you didn’t know this about me, in general, I just love love. I love going to weddings, I love seeing people fall for each other and I absolutely love being in love with my hubs. Nonetheless, no matter how you spend V-Day, I think you should make sure to show a little love, whether it’s to your man, your mom, your pup or even yourself!

So, whether you’re spending a night in or going all out for date night, I’ve put together a few Valentine’s Day outfit ideas for you, plus links to shop. Enjoy!


A Romantic Dinner Date

Bryan and I never have set V-Day plans… really it varies every year. I remember last year he made me an amazing dinner at home, other years we’ve gone to the movies or one year I remember there was an earthquake and we ate Chinese, haha. This year though, we actually did a grown up thing and made reservations for dinner, which I have to admit, I’m very excited about.




Dress | Shoes | Earrings | Bracelet | Lip Color

Side note: you may want to steam this dress before wearing, oops!

The Drive-In

I seriously think there’s nothing more romantic, but also laid back and fun than going to the drive-in movie! Plus, I’m all about a comfy dress and some sneakers.




Top | Dress | Shoesย | Lip Color

*It’s hard to see in the pics, but this is seriously the comfiest, cutest, long sleeve crop top!!

A Concert

B & I love live music! We definitely don’t have the same taste in music, but I’ve tried to sing along with the best of them at a George Strait concert and he’s pretended to enjoy seeing Britney – so it all works, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d definitely rock this t-shirt dress and these knitted peeptoe boots to a show though!




Dress | Shoes | Earrings | Braceletย | Lip Color

Girls Night In

Galentines can be just as fun as Valentine’s… forreal! Order some pizza, drink some pinot and watch all the rom-coms you can fit into one night. Plus, I’m all about staying in in a sweatshirt and some jeggings!



Sweatshirt | Jeggings | Earrings | Necklace | Booties


So there you have it! V-day outfit options for any occasion. Happy Valentine’s Day loves!


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**In case you are still looking for V-day gift ideas as well and missed last week’s post, you can check it out here!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Man


2018 is well underway and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Although Bryan and I don’t go all out for V-Day, like we do for Christmas or birthdays, we still like to make the day a little special. I, for one, find men are always sooooo hard to buy for. If you’re in this same boat, hopefully, this V-Day gift guide will help you out! ๐Ÿ™‚ There are tons of ideas for different types of guys and at different price points. Whether your man likes to cozy up at home, workout 24/7 or travel, this list should have a little something for him.



Comfy Clothes

Pajama Pants | Pullover | Socks



Wireless Earphones | Amazon Echo | Bluetooth Speaker



Card-Carrying Phone Case | Hat | Watch


Health & Grooming

Colonge | Shaving Kit | FitBit

Something Thoughtful

Growler filled with his fave beer | Lingerie | Weekend Getaway


Happy shopping loves!

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What’s Inside My Latest FabFitFun Box


Hey y’all, so I’m sorry it’s been a little bit since I’ve posted, but ever since I got back from LA, I’ve been sick on and off. I’m soooo over it. But nonetheless, I recently got a new FabFitFun box in and I’m obsessed with a ton of the items, so I figured I’d give you guys a run down of what’s all inside.


Side note: If you’ve been wanting to try out FabFitFun, just follow this link and you can use the promo code “FIRSTBOX” to get $10 off! ๐Ÿ™‚


Ok, so the first item I pulled out and just HAD to put on was the 8 OTHER REASONS Nine Lives Choker. Depending on what they sent you, you either got rose gold or silver. I’m definitely more of a rose gold kind of girl, but I’m still super excited about this accessory, because I need to expand on my silver jewelry collection.

Also… just in case you were wondering:

Top | Pajama Shorts (Similar) | Bracelet



Ok next, was this AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream. Y’all this stuff seriously feels like butter and with the weather being so cold lately, this lotion (which has all kinds of goodness like Dead Sea Minerals, witch hazel and allantoin) has worked wonders for my dry skin.



I’m a sucker for a comfy pair of socks, so these I was really excited about. They are aloe infused cozy socks from Pointe Studio and cozy is an understatement.



I don’t know if I’ve ever talked to y’all about this before, but ever since I was little, I’ve had a hard time falling asleep. I swear I have an overactive mind or something and it just seems to go into overdrive as soon as my head hits the pillow. When I saw this Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from This Works in the box, I was kind of skeptical. I’ve tried sleepy time teas, lavender pillow sprays, etc. without much luck in the past. Then, on top of that, when I first sprayed it, I wasn’t in love with the smell… BUT (big but here) the first night I tried it, I slept like a baby. I figured it was a coincidence, but after over a week of using it, I now don’t want to go to bed without it. Legit, This Works, lol.



I posted on my Insta stories earlier this week about these Grace & Stella Anti-Wrinkle Energizing Eye Masks. They help to get rid of dark circles under your eyes and to give you a more youthful look. I’ve only used them once and am already seeing a difference and they come with several packs, so I’m excited to see how they look after I use them a few more times. My box also came with this Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. It is full of yummy papaya, pumpkin and pineapple enzymes and it helps to brighten your skin, reduce wrinkles (amen to that!) and improve the look of your skin and pores.



Next is the DOUCCE Freematic Eyeshadow Pro Palette in Smokey. I generally use more natural eyeshadow palettes because I’m no makeup guru and doing my own smokey eye makes me nervous – butttt I’ve been watching some Youtube videos and I’m excited to try out a sexier look!



Ok, so this is a silly picture, but I felt like sitting down didn’t do this BB Dakota Poncho in Charcoal justice. Super comfy and I’ve already worn it to work and just around the house.



Last, but not least, my new favorite I love you a latte ceramic mug from the Homemade by Ayesha Curry collection.

Basically, I got a ton of goodies (this month’s box had a value of $393 — say what?!) and I’m getting to try out all kinds of products I never would have known about.

Disclaimer: I am a Fab Fit Fun partner, but only because I love it a lot!ย 

I received a ton of questions about the under eye masks the other day, so if you have any questions about any of these other products, just let me know!


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Top 5 Blog Posts of 2017


It’s been another great year blogging for you guys! Readers have more than doubled over last year, fashion played a bigger role in my content for y’all and a much needed face lift is almost complete. Every year, I like to give you guys a recap of the top blog posts for the year. (Click here to check out 2016’s top posts!) For one, because I just think it’s fun to see what y’all enjoyed most, but for two, if you missed out on one of these amazing posts, I want to be sure to give you one more chance to read them before I come out with a whole slew of new posts for 2018. (Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s 2018… anyone else feel like last year and the holidays went by SO fast?!) Nonetheless, here’s Life & Lattes’ top posts of 2017.


#1: The Struggles of Being a Girl with a Big Nose


For the third year in a row, this post is #1. On one hand, it makes me really sad, because it means that SO many girls out there struggle with the insecurities and sadness that come along with having a big nose, but on the other hand, it makes me really happy, because at least they know they’re not alone and that this girl right here, feels your pain!! ๐Ÿ™‚


#2: Things to Do During a Weekend Getaway in Chattanooga, Tennessee


I had no idea how many people were interested in traveling to Chattanooga, Tennessee and were looking for things to do there, but this post has had even more readers than last year! If you’re ever looking for a fun weekend trip, this post is a good read!


#3: An Inside Look at a College Football Inspired, Elegant Southern Wedding


This one’s a no brainer! My brother and sister-in-law are the cutest and their wedding was to die for. If you haven’t checked out this post, you’re missing out!


#4: Where to Find Cute Bathing Suits Now that Victoria’s Secret No Longer Sells Them


I think Vicky’s Secret choosing to discontinue their swimwear line was a punch in the gut to us all, so this post came at a much needed time!


#5: 15 Quotes for the Girl Boss You Know You Can Be


I’d like to call this the year of the woman… although I’m sure that would be better suited for 1920 or 1963, but women really brought it this year in pop culture, stood up for what they believed in on the political front and also, sexual harassment in the workplace is starting to get the attention it deserves. There’s a little girl boss deep down inside of each of us, sometimes you just need some motivational quotes to help you let her out!

So there you go – the top 5 posts read by you guys in 2017! I hope y’all enjoyed them all, but I can’t wait to show you what all is to come this year on the blog!! Hope you love it!


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A Recap of all of the Wonderfully Amazing Things that Happened in 2017


2017 has been a really great year. It’s not one of those years that I’m ready to see go… although I am excited to see what lies ahead in 2018. This year though, a lot of awesome things have happened both in my life and in the world as a whole. So, as we wave goodbye to 2017, here’s a recap of all of the amazing things that have happened this year.

I more than doubled my blog traffic – meaning there’s more of you amazing people reading what I write every day and I could not be more honored! Thanks to all 50K of you!!


I became a homeowner.

A group of beachgoers in Panama City saved a family from drowning by creating a human chain.


I celebrated my one year anniversary with the hubs and took an anniversary trip that was one for the books!


Price Harry and Meghan Markle got engaged! We’re going to have an American princess y’all!


My sister and I took a birthday trip to Washington, D.C.! The sites, the food, the city… all amazing!


I took my first solo flight.

The University of Georgia football program had the best season I’ve seen in a while.


My sister and I walked in our first Susan G. Komen 3-Day in San Diego, CA.

The Wonder Woman movie came out and not only was it spectacular, but it was a huge step for women as well. Anyone else as obsessed with Gal Gadot as I am?!


My sister and I visited the West Coast for the first time.

Starbucks came out with the Unicorn Frappucino.


My brother and sister-in-law got married.

Beyonce had twins!!


Bryan and I were blessed with a sweet, baby nephew.

Taylor Swift dropped a new album… that I’m obsessed with!


I got my eyebrows microbladed – life changer.

The first total solar eclipse since 1979 occurred.

A million other amazing things! Although I know our country saw a lot of heartbreak this year between shootings and hurricanes and fires and more, I’m so glad to see us all showing a little more love and taking life a little less for granted.

So, here’s one last cheers to 2017 and I wish you all a very happy new year!


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The Perfect Wine to Take to Your Holiday Party


This holiday season, I’ve partnered up with one of my favorite stores for party supplies aka dranksss to help you guys pick out the best wines to take to your holiday parties! Toast Wine & Beverage is the best for one, because they’ve been voted #1 in our area for like 10 years, for two, because they have a ton of selection and for three, because it’s super cute inside and doesn’t seem like some sketchy, run down liquor store, lol.


Also, they so sweetly donated an amazing bottle of bourbon to my Susan G. Komen 3-Day Giveaway to help me raise money to fight breast cancer. #blessyall


Nonetheless, now to the goods. I spent some time shopping with the staff to find the perfect wines to take to your holiday parties. They’ve given me three really delicious options depending on what type of wine you like best. Each of these three bottles is really reasonably price and also is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your Christmas or New Year’s get-togethers!


Ferrari-Carano Siena

This medium-bodied, Sangiovese-blend red wine is a bit of a chameleon, as it changes ever so slightly year-to-year because of Mother Nature and the grapes themselves. With one sip of this SIENA, youโ€™ll instantly feel like youโ€™ve been transported to the hills of Tuscany.

Lamarca Prosecco

In the heart of Italyโ€™s lush Prosecco region, the La Marca Trevigiana zone grows the revered glera grapes they use to make a delicately flavored wine. With delicate, golden straw color and lively effervescence, this Prosecco is one of the best with aromas of fresh citrus, honey and white flowers. The palate is fresh and clean, with flavors of ripe lemon, green apple and grapefruit framed by mineral undertones.

Doรฑa Paula Estate Black Edition

Intense black purple color. On the nose, its aromas of plum, spices and red pepper stand out while delicate notes of mint can also be perceived. In the mouth, it is a very harmonious and balanced wine, with round tannins and a long finish.

I hope this makes all of y’all’s holiday preparations just a little bit easier!


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New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas



Yeeeee! I can’t believe Christmas is on Monday y’all! Part of me is so excited because it’s Christmas, but part of me is also a little sad because that means come Tuesday all of the lights and Christmas movies and festivities will be coming to an end. Luckily, New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, so we still have A LOT to be excited about!

So, if you’re looking for the perfect NYE outfit, I’ve got a few ideas for you! Be sure to order any of these items you’re loving soon because Christmas can make shipping times so wonky and I don’t want any of you feeling anything less than spectacular come December 31st!!




Dress | Jacket | Shoes (Similar) | Necklace

Get 10% off this jacket at Piace Boutique with my promo code “ANNAF”! ๐Ÿ™‚





Dress | Earrings | Shoes | Bracelets | Clutch





Dress | Clutch | Shoes | Watch | Earrings





Jumpsuit (Similar) | Jacket | Clutch (Similar) | Shoes


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