26 Reasons I’m Excited to Turn 26


Yeee! I can’t believe it’s already August and that my 26th birthday is here! I feel like it was just the new year, or better yet, that I was just telling all of you about the 25 things I had learned in my 25 years of life. But nonetheless, summer is coming to a close, kids are going back to school and I’m celebrating 26 years of memories and life experiences!

So, of course, I’m thrilled because that means birthday cupcakes and glasses of champagne, but there are a million other reasons turning 26 is so exciting. Here’s just 26 for your enjoyment…


1.I’ve lived one more awesome year of life and I’ve still got 4 years until I turn 30! Thank God.

2. IDGAF what anyone thinks.

Just kidding… I probably care what people think more than most. I am always so nervous to offend or hurt or put off anyone, but I guess I more so mean I don’t care in that, I’m not afraid to be my true self. I feel like when you’re younger, people are so critical and don’t embrace being different, but the older you get, the cooler it is to be unique and be yourself. So if it’s lame to be obsessed with the Michelle Branch Pandora station, if it’s fat to eat ice cream twice in a day or if it’s not cool to take 1000 photos on every trip you go on… I don’t care because it makes me happy. 🙂

3. I’m old enough to be treated like an adult, but still young enough to make mistakes without being crucified for them.

4. This year is for my career.

I feel like each year in life is filled with something that takes up a lot of your time or is your sole focus. Some years that’s been graduating from college, other years it’s been getting married, spending time with a sick loved one or buying a house, but this year I really think I’m going to get the time and space to make my career my top priority. I’m in a really good place in my life in general and I’m hopefully not looking to make babies anytime soon, so I’m excited to really dig in and see where my career can go.

5. I have a savings account and my 401K actually has a good bit of money in it.


6. My family (on my husband’s side) is complete.

With our last brother-in-law getting married in June, we now have a full family on our own. I’m really excited to become true sisters with both of my sister-in-laws and to be a good aunt to my sweet, new nephew. Did I mention I can’t wait for Christmas?! It will definitely entail some major spoiling!

7. I bought a king size bed.

That’s a funny thing to be excited about, isn’t it? But it’s big and beautiful and has a gorgeous tufted headboard and I can’t wait to spend a gazillion hours in it.

8. I have plans to travel.

I absolutely love traveling and want to see as much of the world as I can. Luckily, I’ve already got a couple of trips in the books and am trying to plan a few more.

9. My husband is turning 27 this month.

Sucks to suck, bro. haha I’m just kidding, but it totally makes it better to say that I’m still in my mid-20s and he is officially in his late 20s!

10. No quarter life crisis here!

I think I told all of you guys when I wrote about 23 Reasons Being 23 is Awesome a few years back that turning 22 was really hard for me and I was excited to be done with that year (sad to think I really felt that way now, but oh well!). I had an early quarter-life crisis. So when a ton of my friends told me turning 26 was really hard for them, I was nervous. However, I really think the whole 22 fiasco was a life saver for me, because it hasn’t been hard at all. I’ve come to realize that 26 is really young and this is a really exciting time in my life.


11. I’m getting my eyebrows microbladed!

Ever since I waxed my eyebrows too thin in the 7th grade, I’ve struggled with them. Cheers to not having to fill them in anymore and having beautiful, thick brows. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to post on the blog all about how the process goes, before & after pics, etc.!!

12. Everyone else is having babies.

This is kind of a sad thing sometimes because people aren’t available to go to brunch at the drop of a hat or spend a weekend at the beach with you, but it’s also so exciting because you get to enjoy all of the cute, happy goodness of babies without having to deal with the crying, pooping mess of it all.

13. If for some reason I do accidentally get pregnant, my parents won’t be totally pissed about it… they might even be happy.

14. Granny panties are life and I ain’t even mad about it.

15. When people meet me, they still think I’m 18.

This used to drive me crazyyyy, but considering that at 26, forehead wrinkles and gray roots are a real thing, I’ll take it!


16. Jennifer Lawrence is 26… and she pretty much rocked it this year, so inherently, that means I will too, right?


17. I’m redesigning the blog.

I know I’ve said this for foreverrrr, but when you aren’t a full time blogger and you have a job that truthfully is more than full time, it makes things hard. However, the redesign is not that far in the future and I can’t wait to unveil it for all of you!


18. People in my field are really starting to respect me and value my knowledge.

In the world of marketing, sexism and ageism are a real issue. So when I first started my career, it was really hard meeting with older men (and sometimes women) who thought I had no idea what I was talking about. I’ve really gotten to a point though where most of my clients consider me a marketing guru and want my opinion and that’s really cool.

19. I’m honest with myself and my friends.

I’m not trying to pretend that my life is perfect or that I don’t sabotage myself from time to time. I may cry about not having anything to do or anyone to do it with sometimes, but I also tell myself, you are bad about ignoring text messages and refusing to get up from your Netflix binge to wash your hair. Some days I want to be a ray of sunshine for my friends and other days I have to straight up tell them I’m lost and sad. No one’s life is perfect all of the time and I’m learning that’s okay.

20. Birthday coupons!

What can I say? I love to shop online and I love to eat! When I started getting floods of birthday coupons from my favorite boutiques and even a free birthday burrito from Moe’s, I instantly knew this was going to be a good year. #NotTooRichtoUseCoupons #NotTooOldtoTurnDownaFreeMeal


21. I’m really starting to see the value in family and quality time.

I have always been super thankful for what a wonderful family I have, but as I get older they truly become more and more valuable to me. I’ve realized how important it is to call, just to talk, even when I don’t feel like it. I’ve learned that time spent with family, even if you’re not going anything, is time well spent. There’s something really special about how much your family will unconditionally love you and you really shouldn’t take that for granted.

22. My birthday is on the weekend!

I can’t explain how excited I am that not only do I not have to go to work on my birthday, but I can also sleep in… which never happens! I seriously can’t ask for much more.

23. I’ve learned that if you’re aggressively paying off debt, it’s okay to splurge sometimes.

24. I’m figuring out what causes are important to me in life.

26 years in, chances are you’ve dealt with some heartbreak or seen some sad things. Last year, I wrote about how the world lost the most beautiful soul and it really changed me. I’ve participated in fundraisers like Relay for Life, the American Red Cross Hero campaign, flood relief, coat drives, Toys for Tots, etc. my whole life. All of these things are obviously important to me, but fighting cancer really has taken on new meaning for me. That’s why in November, I’m putting that passion into action and walking the Susan G. Komen 3-Day to help raise funds to fight breast cancer.

25. There are a lot of exciting things I want to do in year twenty-six and I think I might actually have the drive and focus to do them.

26. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake.


Thank you all SO much for the sweet birthday wishes. Cheers to year 26!

C’est la vie,





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