Why Bachelor in Paradise is More Legit Than The Bachelor

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We all love The Bachelor/Bachelorette, right? I literally don’t even consider it a guilty pleasure, I don’t feel guilty at all! 🙂 What’s better than watching 25 of the most gorgeous (and some of the most crazy) people all vying for one person? Probably since my freshman year of college when my bff introduced me, I have spent most Monday nights glued to the TV for 2 hours at a time. I’ve been there for the good (when Sean and Catherine fell so in love and now have the cutest baby on planet earth), the bad (when Nick outed Andi on national TV for having sex with him shortly before getting engaged to Josh) and the ugly (umm… Chad?).

So when Bachelor in Paradise came around I was not excited. I had given Bachelor Pad a couple of chances and was extremely disappointed. It seemed so trashy like For the Love of Ray Jay or Bad Girls Club, so I didn’t expect any less from Bachelor in Paradise. HOWEVER, BIP is a whole different story.

What I’ve come to realize is that actually Bachelor in Paradise is way more legit than The Bachelor/Bachelorette and here’s why…

  • They don’t try to act like this is a serious, completely unstaged show. Have you seen the trailer? They literally make fun of themselves from the start and with all of the cheese and obvious staging upfront, there’s nothing to hide.


  • People are actually trying to find connections, well some of them, and it’s a lot more practical because there’s lots of options. Haven’t you ever thought it’s a little weird how 25 people can all like the same person and 7-10 of them all “love” the same person? People hardly ever choose to leave The Bachelor/Bachelorette and I highly doubt that they’re all compatible with the suitor.


  • Your odds are better that your partner isn’t practicing polygamy. While plenty of people date a couple of different partners while on Bachelor in Paradise, they’re often not dating two people at once and sometimes they only date one person. Watching a show back and seeing your fiancé date/kiss/do other things(?) with 25 other people is an awful way to start off a relationship. Odds are with Bachelor in Paradise you know what they’ve been up to, there’s less surprises and they may have only slept with you.


  • BIP has a better track record. There have been 20 seasons of The Bachelor and 12 seasons of The Bachelorette and 6 couples are married. I’m not knocking the show, like I said before, I LOVE it, but the odds really aren’t that good. However, BIP is currently on season 3 and both of the past 2 seasons have ended in a marriage, they’re 2 for 2. That’s pretty good.


Obviously, I’m going to keep watching both shows, but who knew BIP would be so legit?

C’est la vie,



6 thoughts on “Why Bachelor in Paradise is More Legit Than The Bachelor

  1. Kemi says:

    I used to watch both shows but completely lost interest due to the “fakeness” of the “connections'”. Like you said how can 7-10 people love the same person… I will definitely give BIP a try! Nice post!

  2. juliecoffman says:

    I don’t watch either show, but this may have changed my mind! Well, I did watch the early seasons of Bachelor/Bachelorette. The drama stresses me out! LOL But I like hearing about it from my friends who do watch. 🙂 Will have to check out BIP!

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