5 Tips for Beautiful Skin


In high school and college, I had no idea how to do anything I’ve realized. My makeup application skills were lacking, I didn’t know how to use the tanning bed in moderation (imagine almost Jersey Shore, yikes!) and I couldn’t figure out how to keep my face clear. Luckily, I didn’t have chronic acne that covered my entire face and felt like it was ruining my life, but at almost any given time, I most definitely had pimples on my face and  little bumps on my forehead. It wasn’t until my husband (then boyfriend) got me a makeup lesson at Sephora for Christmas that I learned a thing or two about how to have more beautiful skin.

Side note: Reading that back it sounds terrible that he bought me a makeup lesson (haha!) but I asked him for it and it ended up being such a great thing since they teach you for an hour and then the $100 goes towards products that they used in your lesson.

Since then, I’ve really been working on my face and figuring out which regimen works best for me. I know this is something that a lot of people struggle with, so I figured I would share what has worked for me in hopes that these easy steps will help you too! Now this isn’t to say that my face is 100% clear 100% of the time, BUT I have seen huge improvements and even get compliments on my skin which is something that would have never happened before. I also asked two of my friends (Maggie & Maddy) that have AMAZING skin for their tips and tricks, so you’ll have a few options to pick from.

1.Wash your face EVERY night.

When I was in college, I would return from a night out too tired/lazy to take my makeup off. Sometimes I even intentionally left my makeup on, so I could wear day-old makeup to class the next day. My present-day self is cringing at the thought of that. I would wash my face in the shower on a pretty regular basis, but I would switch up the type of face wash all of the time and sometimes even just use bar soap when I didn’t feel like going to the store or I was a little broke. Nonetheless, my face got acne. Some people can go without washing their face and be fine, but it is a hard-fast rule for me now. No matter how late I get in or how sleepy, my face must be washed before I can crawl into bed. The two or three times I’ve let myself slip since starting this routine, I’ve had acne a day later, so this is important – keep your face clean! Here are the face wash picks that have worked for us!

Optional: Maggie chooses to do a Clinique 7-Day Scrub once a week in addition to her face-washing routine!

2. Moisturize.

Moisturizing your face is just as important as washing it. There is such a thing as your face being TOO dry which can lead to peeling, itchiness, possibly additional acne and HELLO wrinkles! They say that your skin loses moisture 10 seconds after being wet, so as soon as I get done washing my face, I cover my face in lotion. Sometimes I even apply lotion to my lips before additionally putting on chapstick before bed. Depending on the time of year (ex: cold, dry winter months or after an accidental sunburn) sometimes I’ll put on lotion before bed and in the morning when I wake up before I apply my makeup. For me, it’s important to use an unscented lotion that’s hypoallergenic, not just any lotion will do. Below are the moisturizers we live by!

3. Use a primer before applying makeup.

Although a lot of brands of makeup are trying to make their products increasingly better for your skin, in general, makeup isn’t good for your face. Hence why leaving it on at night gives you acne. One regimen I swear by is applying a primer before putting on makeup. It does SO many good things for you: it makes your makeup stay on longer (yay for not having to apply more than once a day), it protects your skin from the makeup itself and many primers actually include SPF (this is important, see step #4). I never go a day without primer. I’ve realized that my makeup just doesn’t pop without it, plus I get super oily. It even works alone if you’re just going to the pool or to workout, but you don’t want your face to look totally gross. Here are the products we LOVE!

Optional: Maggie suggests getting an anti-aging facial with a glycolic acid peel to eat away dead skin, plus make your skin glow and feel super soft!

4. Protect your skin!

I CANNOT stress this enough. I don’t know how many sunburns I’ve allowed myself to get in high school and college, but I’m kicking myself now. Not only do you put yourself at serious risk for cancer, but also it’s just not pretty. Sunburns lead to wrinkles, peeling and a puffy face. You have to remember that you only get one skin and you can never take back what you do to it. I have to remind myself of this because even I forget to reapply sunscreen during a long day at the lake or beach and that’s the worst! It’s great to use both facial products that have SPF in them (many of the products above have built-in sunscreen), as well as a good sunscreen.

5. Keep things clean.

How can you expect your face to be nice and clean if you put dirty things on it? It seems like a hassle to get into this routine, but you’ll get used to it quickly and not only see great results, but just feel cleaner and happier in general. It’s really important to wash your makeup brushes. Bacteria develops in makeup/oil from your face/skin cells that are left on makeup brushes. This leads to acne and also not-so-pretty makeup. I can’t splurge on expensive makeup brushes, but I do make sure that I have decent brushes and try to wash them once a week if possible. The same goes for whatever you choose to wash your face with. I switch between an exfoliating scrubber and a face sponge, but these need to be regularly thrown out or washed depending on what you’re using. You wouldn’t keep the same loofah for a long time or continue to use the same wash cloth day after day on your body without washing it would you? Finally, pillow cases. If you’re washing your face every night like you should be, these shouldn’t get dirty as quickly and should be pretty free of foundation smudges and mascara stains, BUT they still need to be washed regularly. Hopefully, your washing your sheets every week or so anyway, but if not, make sure you wash your pillow case once a week. Some people suggest switching your pillow case every night, but I just haven’t committed to that yet. Here are the makeup brush cleaners we use on a regular basis.

These 5 tips aren’t too hard to implement and will make your skin feel so much better! If you have any tips and tricks of your own, please share. I think we all can use more help in this department.

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