Spring Cleaning… It’s Not Just For Your House

spring clean

That time of year has come. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, it’s a perfect 70 degrees outside and our tans are slowly starting to develop again. It’s the time of year that we throw open the windows, dance around to our favorite songs and clean. Yes, clean. Once a dreaded chore, doesn’t seem quite so bad in the spring. It’s as if we’re ready to shed our winter coat and smell the fresh clean smells of Clorox, Lysol and flowery scented air fresheners. As much as we don’t want to spend an entire day inside away from the warm weather, we all do it. We take a day to purge the things we don’t need, reorganize our closets, extreme clean the bathroom, etc.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home though, we really and truly need to spring clean ourselves. If you’re anything like me, you get a case of the winter blues. You act like a bear preparing for hibernation and pack on a few winter pounds. You don’t take care of yourself as well as you do in other seasons, i.e. less shaving occurs or your toenails get a little funky. In general, your state of mind is burdened by colder weather, a busy 4th quarter at work or your emptied out bank out due to the winter holidays.

As we watch new life begin to develop around us, it’s time for us to breathe new life into ourselves. For one, our woman-working-outbodies need to become a priority. Now for all of you health gurus and body builders out there, I know you are rolling your eyes thinking that your body should always be a priority and mentally noting that you’ve been taking care of yourself all winter long, but for the rest of us mere mortals, we’ve let ourselves go a little. We should take this time to see what new fruits and vegetables are in season at the market and start filling our meals with them. This nice weather gives us a great chance to pick back up running or even walking if that’s where you need to start. Spring gives us a chance to do yoga, go kayaking or some other activity outside and get a little tan while doing it.

For all of us girls, it’s time to buy a new pack of razors, start using a gradual tanning lotion, whiten our teeth and paint our nails. Whip out a face mask and get your hair done. It sounds taxing, but y’all know you feel so good after it’s done.

Spring is also the perfect chance for us to cleanse our minds. We need to realize that there’s more to life than just our jobs or obligations. Eat lunch outside and enjoy nature. Take some time to yourself to go on a weekend trip or try out meditation. It’s time to shed our stress (which in turn helps eliminate breakouts and weight gain) and focus on making ourselves happy.


This time of year is also perfect for bulking up your bank account. Although you want to splurge on spring clothes (which you should to an extent), your bank account is probably just starting to bounce back from all of the gifts you bought at Christmas and the extravagant New Years Eve plans you made this year. This is an opportunity for you to save up a little for the big summer vacation you want to take or all of the activities up ahead. Most restaurants offer spring specials, like cheap margaritas to encourage people to sit outside or Thirsty Thursdays at the ballpark. Take advantage of these fun things to do and leave the winter activities like going to the movies and eating hot soup at Panera three times a week behind.

Finally and most importantly, spring clean your relationships. This can mean a ton of things. Maybe you realize youbest-friends-fashion-friends-girls-Favim.com-839536 are in a different place in life than some of your friends. Maybe you’re both holding each other back instead of growing into the people you want to be. Or maybe you have a boyfriend that hasn’t been treating you right. If either of the latter is true, it’s time to spring clean them. If both you’re boyfriend and girlfriends are pretty solid and intact, maybe it’s time for you to reflect on how you can be a better friend. Stop blowing people off to stay inside or spending “quality time” just at the bar and really make time for those that matter. Call up your mom and dad and see if they need some help spring cleaning their house or if you can take them to dinner. Get in touch with your out of town friends that you haven’t seen since October and make plans to see them. Even with your roommates or down the road friends, ask them to go out to dinner or have a craft and wine night at the house. Whatever it may be, make the people around you a priority, since chances are you’ve probably been neglecting them as work got busier and life got harder.

Overall, I encourage you all to be your best selves this spring. Focus your energy back on the things that really matter and find a sense of happiness that will hopefully last throughout the year. Good luck!

C’est la vie,



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