The Conundrum of Being Small & Female

So, to start off, I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written. A lot of personal things have been going on for both me and my boyfriend and I haven’t had the headspace to write. That being said… it’s been too long. My head is full of things I can rant and rave about and I know you’ve all been dying to read them. 😉

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*photo cred to

Nonetheless, I bring to you today, the conundrum of being small and female. There are all types of hardships in the world, many probably much worse than living life being small and female, but I tell you, it’s a bitch. When most people get to know me, they are surprised or even appalled to find out that I’m a feminist. They immediately say, but you want your boyfriend to do stuff for you and you wouldn’t want to be fighting on the front lines of the military… They bring up stereotypes and down play that females are treated any different than men and that if we would just shut up about it, inequality wouldn’t exist. BS.

I constantly feel judged and underestimated because of my height and sex. Yes, I’m female, yes, I’m 5’1″ and can still shop in the Juniors section, but does this make me any less of a person? This is so much a problem for me that in my personal marketing resume that I give to clients, I had to give myself a tagline, “A little woman with a lot of talent”. I try to combat their judgments from the second they see me, because otherwise they’ll immediately judge me. Honestly, they still do. They doubt that I can help them or that I know what I’m doing. It’s incredibly frustrating.

I’ve actually been told by a superior in the workplace that I need to wear my hair back and heels to make me look older and more mature, and that I should wear pants versus my dresses and skirts because it’s distracting for males. Are you kidding me? First of all, I love fashion and my personality was immediately stripped from me. Then, I can’t wear my hair down… one of my favorite features; I have to break my feet and wear heels everyday and I can’t even wear my favorite pencil skirts? I mean honestly, it’s ridiculous.

Even outside of the professional realm, I hear it everyday. People think it’s funny to make jokes about women in the kitchen, making sandwiches or on the other hand, being fun size and looking like I’m 16. I’m fed up with it. No, I don’t find it funny and yes, I want to jump on you and pull your hair out every time you say it (although I shouldn’t say that because I’ll immediately be called an emotional, irrational girl… :\ ). Truly, it’s not fair and just sitting here thinking about males getting paid more than me, the way I dress being such a big deal and the fact that I’ll always be fighting an uphill battle, has got me fuming.

*photocred to

*photocred to

My blog is usually so lighthearted and fun, so I’m sorry to bring on the drama, but this is serious and I’ve had enough. People need to learn what feminism really is and get to know what’s in my head rather than what my body looks like. I want to be able to be intelligent, confident, sexy, hardworking, opinionated, indecisive, emotional and successful all at the same time, because that’s my personality, a mix of random traits that don’t just categorize me as a petite woman.

Girls, are you with me?


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