Instagram Causes Severe FOMO


Instagram is one of my favorite social media apps. Although Facebook and Twitter are staples of the lives of 20-somethings, Instagram is where it’s at. You’re not surrounded by ads, your parents and parents’ friends, invites to play stupid games, etc. You don’t have to read through a thousand 140-character messages of people you wish you would unfollow and random thoughts like “Ahhh I missed the bus again :(“. It’s mindless and entertaining all in one. You can keep up with what everyone is doing, even your favorite celebs and brands. aa

Not to mention, everyone’s pictures look so much better. We all spend way too much time editing our pictures, testing out each filter and then going through them all again, adding borders and vignette, tilt shifting the background… the list goes on and on. Nonetheless, we get pictures that make our skin look tanner, eyes look brighter, skies look prettier and what we think looks kind of artsy. Instagram has saved us from the dreadful, dull background, shiny face pictures we endured in high school and makes our lives seem so much prettier.

Unfortunately, Instagram has some bad side effects. I never realized it until one day a friend of mine blatantly pointed it out to me during one of my “what am I doing with my life” rants. Yes, you’ll see some everyday things on Instagram, but for the most part, people post things in life that are more than average. They post their travels to new places, missionary work with cute, foreign babies, sweet gifts from their boyfriend, etc. So, my conclusion is that Instagram causes severe FOMO. If you don’t know what that means it’s “fear of missing out”. I find that when I’m sitting on my couch watching my Thursday Night Lineup (Grey’s, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, of course), I’m scrolling through Instagram thinking why am I not backpacking through Europe or going to every festival in the southeast? It makes you feel like you’re the only one living an average life, while everyone else is out doing something spectacular every night or having the most amazing body in the world.  aaaaI was definitely feeling some FOMO, so luckily that friend of mine brought me back to reality. Even when I look back at my own Instagram, I’m like “oh, it looks like I’m always having a lot of fun”… I mean you don’t see me posting pictures like “hey, I’m watching TV and eating Chick-fil-a…again”. If you’re sitting here telling me you’ve never experienced this feeling, you must be Kim K or one my favorites to follow Sjana Elise. So, just know you’re not the only one who actually spends some time at home and doesn’t travel every weekend! I’m telling y’all, Instagram really does cause severe FOMO.

C’est la vie,



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