To Wear or To Not Wear White After Labor Day

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With Labor Day being yesterday, everyone is ridding themselves of white pants, shoes and outerwear until next Easter. It is a fashion standard that has long stood the test of time. But do any of us really know the reason behind putting away our beloved white clothing for the winter months? If you search this question online, you’ll find tons of different answers… all very unsure. Some say it’s because the upper class wanted to put in place rules for their future generations so they would always dress a certain way (obviously this was a long time ago). Others say that colder, dreary places like New York were the standard for fashion and it wasn’t practical to wear white shoes and pants in this weather. There are a ton of other reasons you’ll find, but they all seem outdated and obscure.

Now I’ll be the first to say that I have always strictly followed this rule, mostly out of fear that when I wear my favorite white jeans in the fall others will scoff and judge. Trust me, I realize how ridiculous that sounds as I’m typing it, but it’s true. The more I think about it though, this fashion rule is much like the old “don’t wear brown and black together” rule. We all used to strictly follow this, but these days you’ll see girls in black and cognac boots or wearing brown boots with black leggings. It just really doesn’t exist anymore. People realized it was a silly rule and that they could actually look good together. I can’t help but think that the “don’t wear white after Labor Day” rule will soon enough fade away just the same.

I mean how cute would a white blazer look with fall colored accessories and nude pumps? Not to mention, you could very easily pair a pair of white jeans with a fall colored tunic and brown boots. Don’t even get me started on winter white. Winter white is known to be acceptable in the fall, but is this just off-white or cream, or is there really a distinct, different winter white? Also, once you do finally figure out exactly what winter white is, you’re still nervous others will think you’re wearing regular white and committing a fashion faux pas.

I don’t know the exact answer to my question… to wear or to not wear white after Labor Day? I’m sure either way someone will disagree. All I can say is that this year, I may just try holding on to my white bottoms and such after Labor Day. I mean especially here in the South where you’ll still see people sometimes wearing shorts in October! Happy Fall Y’all!

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