Smart Phones are the Best & Worst Thing That Has Happened to Us

*photo cred to smart phone experts

*photo cred to smart phone experts

If you had to think of one item you couldn’t live without, what would it be? If you’re like me and almost every other millennial out there, it’s probably your iPhone (Galaxy, Droid, etc.) When I really think about it, my phone goes everywhere with me, to bed, to the bathroom, on a run, at lunch… literally everywhere. It blows my mind that just a few years ago, I did life without one of these things. I mean I can’t imagine not being able to check my Instagram, not have my emails sent to me instantaneously, having to go back to using a GPS you stick to the car window. Anyone can admit that smart phones have completely revolutionized our lives, but I can’t help but think they’ve done some bad along the way too. My friend recently told me he was going to have to go a week without a phone and I felt literal pain for him. Should I really be this dependent on my phone? … here’s why smart phones are the best and the worst thing that has happened to us.

The Best Things:

1. No matter what time of day or where we are, we can know what everyone else is doing or saying. Whether it’s someone sending a grid-cell-24434-1407875545-3 emoji in the bathroom, snapchatting while at work or tweeting about their car ride, we know what’s up with everyone.

2. We can share our pictures. Can you imagine taking pictures just to print them out and stick them in a book to keep on a shelf? What’s the fun in that?

3. Your phone can get you anywhere. You can be in the middle of nowhere and Google Maps will easily give you step by step instructions on how to get un-lost. This in itself is very much so, a life saver.

4. You know what the weather is. You don’t have to step outside to see what it feels like or look out the window for rain, you know because you looked at the little device in your hand…all before getting out of bed. This convenience goes for all of the other millions of apps we can use too; to watch our calorie intake, make ourselves look better in pictures, entertain us with games, keep us up to date on news, etc.

5. They make life less awkward. Can you imagine sitting on a bus ride, eating alone in a restaurant or waiting in a doctor’s office without a phone? Would everyone just awkwardly trade off staring at each other and staring at some spot on the wall?

6. They make relationships easier. It’s not like you call someone’s house anymore and don’t get to talk to them because they aren’t home. You can talk to them across the country, on the toilet, at work, while their out shopping, etc. We are all in constant communication.

The Worst Things:

1. Contrary to knowing what everyone else is doing, everyone else knows what you’re doing. If you don’t have great pictures across the globe, traveling the world and helping sick babies everyone knows. If you’ve been anti-social and haven’t hung out with anyone in a while, everyone knows. Don’t even get me started on relationship statuses…

2. It keeps us from experiencing life. Instead of being forced to meet new people in public or take in a breathtaking scene, we are too busy taking a picture of the breathtaking scene or reading what all of our “friends” are saying on social media.

3. They can also ruin relationships. For one, being able to screenshot your text messages and send to others is a mess in itself. For two, have you gone on a date lately? Does the guy politely leave his phone in his pocket? Chances are that he doesn’t. He’s probably checking the scores of five different sporting events, texting anybody and everybody, watching gross snapchats from other guys, reading Twitter… the list goes on and on. If you can get good conversation in you’re lucky, much less a meaningful night. There’s also a good chance that you are also on your phone doing the same thing, which means there’s not much conversation at all…  you hardly get to know each other.

4. We’ve lost our independence. If we were all to lose our phones today, many of us wouldn’t know how to survive. We’d struggle to read a map and follow directions, we wouldn’t know how to make plans and meet up with people, our friendships would probably be non-existent… not to mention, we’d always be bored. Who knew one little device could entirely take over our lives and make us forever dependent upon it?

Sorry to go on a rant and rave about smart phones, but I swear I have a love/hate relationship with mine. I’m so attached I could never let it go, but sometimes, I dream of disconnecting myself from the world and enjoying a nice date with no interruptions. Or I fancy myself an explorer that could make it with just a map and some supplies…that I would enjoy the sunset or mountain ridge and not have to worry about posting pictures of me holding a monkey.

Back to reality! I think while writing this post I just missed a ton of notifications, so it’s time to go.

C’est la vie,



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