Brunch, the Twenty-Somethings’ Play Date

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Whoever came up with smushing together breakfast and lunch to make brunch was such a genius. All of us twenty-somethings like to do it. We roll out of bed after a night with friends, make ourselves look decent and run to eat. It’s different than in college, in that you aren’t dragging yourself out of the bed, barely making it to some fast food joint in pajamas and eating a fried chicken biscuit to soak it all up. Instead, you feel a bit more refined. You feel good thinking you look just like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda from Sex in the City; enjoying gossip from the weekend over good food.

Why not indulge yourself? We can all use a chocolate croissant and mimosa every once in a while… for some every weekend. Truly, I mean, we spend the night dolling up to go out and trying to do the same thing we did in college even though it doesn’t feel the same. Why not have something sacred, something meant for us twenty-somethings? This I say is brunch. If you haven’t tried it you’re missing out and really should. Here are five reasons that brunch is the best:

1. You don’t have to wake up early and make it in time for breakfast. You let yourself wake up on your own and text each other to meet up. There’s no sort of pre-planning or commitment, it just happens.

2. The food is delicious. You can get anything from crepes doused in whip cream to omelets stuffed with spinach. Fancy coffee is always nice, although many of us feel more sophisticated sipping on a yummy mimosa or bellini.

3. You get to spend time with the girls. Chances are your night was focused on the boys, so now’s your time to feel comfortable, stuff your face and talk about everything that happened the week before.

4. It gears you up for a good week. Instead of spending your day laying on the couch in the dark, you are up and feeling productive…even if you aren’t. Brunch is long and leisurely and usually leads to sitting out on the river or going to get your nails done, which is always a good start to the week.

5. There’s nothing else like it. Have you ever tried going to linner or lupper? For one.. it just sounds silly. For two, you’re usually too full around the 3-4 o’clock time frame and if you eat then you’re left starving when it comes time for dinner. Basically, brunch is one of a kind.

Because I live in Augusta, there are only a few good places for brunch. But trust me, when I do move somewhere else, I’ll be brunching it all over town. Tell me some of your favorite places so I can try them out!

C’est la vie,



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