Embarrassed for Chi Omega at the University of Alabama

If you haven’t heard already, a snapchat has made it viral. This wouldn’t be the first time someone has been caught doing something they wouldn’t want others to know about and it getting leaked via a recipient of the snap.

First of all, it’s unfortunate for Chi Omega at the University of Alabama. All too often, one member of a sorority royally screws up and it leaves the group with a bad name. Obviously, the whole sorority doesn’t agree with her ignorance, especially since the Daily News reported that Chi O actually gave bids to two black women this recruitment.


In case you haven’t seen the snap, here it is. I actually cringe when looking at it. It just seems ridiculous that people still think this way and would even think to say this phrase aloud to others. Considering I have always valued the diversity of my own sorority, it’s just incredibly hard for me to understand.

Although it sucks for this girl that someone she trusted blasted her snapchat out to the masses, she should know better. For one, to be so racially insensitive and for two, to believe people wouldn’t screenshot this and share with others. Honestly, I was just so incredibly mind blown by this, I felt I had to share it. You can take a look at the article yourself here.

As for my own sorority, Delta Zeta at the University of Georgia, I hope you had the best bid day yet and recruited an amazing group of racially diverse girls! 🙂

C’est la vie,



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