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I created Life & Lattes in August of 2014 as an outlet for my confused, twenty-something soul. The year after college was really tough for me and I knew there had to be other people out there trying to find themselves, attempting adulting in the real world and making mistakes along the way. So I wanted to create a space for twenty-somethings, where they could find everyday life tips, relate to the embarrassing life stories of others and read on all of their favorite topics spanning from relationship anecdotes to health & beauty to current events. Life & Lattes earned it’s name in part due to my obsessive addiction to skinny vanilla lattes, but mostly because I have always found life to be strangely similar to coffee; it’s SO great, but can be bitter, which is why we need lattes. Lattes are full of exciting espresso and yummy syrup, much like the exciting and sweet parts of life.


Thank you for stopping by Life & Lattes! My name is Anna Mullikin Freeman and I am a marketing agency Account Manager by day and a lifestyle blogger by night. I just turned 26, am married to my favorite person on planet Earth and just bought my first house in my hometown of Augusta, GA. I graduated from the University of Georgia, go dawgs, and am a lover of brunch, traveling and lying in the sun. My heart is taken by my dark brown deer chihuahua, Bailey, and my black lab, Champ. I love writing and I love talking to people, so please enjoy and feel free to reach out – I’d love to chat!






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