White Water Rafting Adventure on the Chattahoochee River


If you are looking for a fun weekend adventure here in the South, then white water rafting on the Chattahoochee River is for you! I recently visited my sister who had just relocated to Columbus, Georgia and when she first invited me down I had no idea what to expect of the city.

White water rafting has always been an item on my bucket list, so when I found out that Columbus had a beautiful downtown area on the river with some of the best white water rafting around, I couldn’t have been more excited.


We went during Memorial Day weekend, so we were really nervous that it was going to be overcrowded (luckily we made a reservation before – be sure to do that if you’re going to go), but they really had a good process in place so that you didn’t have to wait very long. The guides were super nice and helpful as far as getting your gear on and showing you the safety guidelines before entering the water.


Since most of us were beginners, we took the Classic Trip. On these trips, the water moves slower and the rapids are smaller. They are classified as Class I – III and there’s even a portion of the river where you get to jump out and actually float down the river, which is pretty cool.


They also have a High Water Trip that you can take later in the day, but I wasn’t quite ready for that one. These are Class II – IV+ rapids which are quicker and larger… perfect for someone who’s gone white water rafting a few times in their life!


Our trip was perfect for us though and we had such a fun time! Our guide made sure to show us a few cool tricks and to tell us all about the history of the river during our ride. I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a weekend adventure!

Do we have any experienced white water rafters out there? If so, where all have you been?

C’est la vie,




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