Celebrating the Hubs with a Recap of Our Favorite Memories


My husband’s birthday is in a couple of days – he’s turning the big 2 – 7! He’s not huge into birthdays and he’s definitely not into being the center of attention (unless he’s drunk and in a dancing mood lol), but I’ll be celebrating him all week long! I mean what better to celebrate than the day my soulmate entered the world?!

Bryan and I started dating in the 9th grade after a friend’s birthday party. Weirdly enough, I still remember what I was wearing. It was 2005 and I thought I was so hot in my holy jeans and floral tube top… yes, I said tube top haha! I have searched high and low for a picture from this party to no avail, but it’s the day I truly started to get to know my now husband, so it’s obviously gotta be added to my list of favorite memories.

Having been together for over 12 years now, there are a trillion memories I could share, but I’ve tried to pick out just a few of my very favorites.


Bryan and I broke up and got back together a ton of times in high school, but this picture is what I like to think of as the day we fell back in love. It was Senior Day, one of our last days of high school. I had recently had some fall out with my friends, so I had no one to hang out with and even though we hadn’t been talking for a while, he stayed by my side all day.  I was pretty sure then that he would be my forever.


I love this picture because I remember how in love and happy I felt in this moment. Being long distance our first year of college was really hard and this was our one year anniversary after being off at school. I remember I thought we were big shots because we stayed at The Georgian Hotel in Atlanta and Bryan gave me a ring that I still wear to this day.


I’ve been a University of Georgia fan my entire life, but it’s Bryan and his family who took me to my first game and taught me how to really hunker down for the dawgs! While I was in school at UGA, Bryan and I had so many fun game days and I hope we’ll get to share that with our children when that time comes.


I felt so terrible on this day. I had just had my wisdom teeth out and had a virus at the same time, but it’s still one of my favorite days. Bryan had wanted a lab puppy for forever and I surprised him with our now fur baby, Champ. I have never seen Bryan so excited and I have never seen him so in love. I can’t imagine what our lives would be like without this sweet soul in them.


It only makes sense that the day that this sweet boy asked me to be his wife would be on the list. I totally thought that I was planning a surprise birthday party for him, so to find out that he had planned the whole thing all along was so crazy. Even though his proposal speech came out a little bit like a blabbering mess, it was the sweetest thing he had ever said to me and I couldn’t wait to become his wife.


This is by far the happiest day of our lives up until this point. It was on April 23, 2016, that we said “I do” and became Mr. & Mrs. Freeman!


Jamaica will forever have our hearts. Our honeymoon was filled with adventures, amazing foods and lots of love. ❤


Mexico was no Jamaica, but celebrating our first year of marriage was so exciting. We love traveling and experiencing new places and this trip truly was the experience of a lifetime. Here’s to hoping we go on a million more anniversary trips around the world.


We recently just bought our first house and we are still in the process of making it a home, but this is such a fun time in life and we’re just happy to be where we’re at for now.

To you, Bryan Morris Freeman, I’m sorry to get mushy on you for all to see, but I love you with all of my heart. I love you for having my back, no matter what, even when I’m wrong. I love you for protecting me, taking care of me when I’m sick and kissing me everyday when you leave for work, when I get home from work and before bed. I love you for your delicious steaks, your willingness to split our chores 50/50, your green thumb and your bug-killing skills. I love you for how loyal and considerate and loving you are. I hope you have the very best birthday and that you never forget just how much I love you (in case you didn’t catch that already lol). Happy Birthday!


C’est la vie,







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