Planning a Honeymoon or Vacation? Travel Review of Montego Bay, Jamaica


Back in April of last year when I got married, I wasn’t really blogging much. I’m so sad about this because blogging about wedding planning and the like would have been so much fun, but nonetheless, I didn’t get to tell you guys all about our travels to Montego Bay, Jamaica and all of the fun we had honeymooning. Our anniversary is coming up in just a few months and as we are planning our anniversary trip, I find myself reminiscing on that beautiful week in Montego Bay full of sunny days, sites to see, the yummiest local rum and love overload.

A ton of my friends are getting married this year, while others are just looking for their next vacation destination… so I thought it’d be the perfect time to tell you guys about all of the fun there is to be had in Jamaica.

Traveling To & From


As much as I enjoy flying, and riding the bus to your resort can be a good chance to sight see, you don’t want to spend all of your time traveling, when you can be enjoying. A few of my friends went on honeymoons where the flight was a little long, and then they had to ride a bus for an hour or so before they made it to their resort. :/ Flying into Montego Bay was a breeze. The flight itself was about 2 1/2 hours and we landed so close to the resort that you could see the people on the beach as we were making our descent. We then hopped on our transfer bus and were at our resort within 10 – 15 minutes. Not to mention, the drive was through town, rather than back roads, so we got to see some of the local culture on our way in.



Where to Stay


Once you go all-inclusive, you can’t go back (or you wish you didn’t have to). There’s nothing better than arriving at your resort and not having to pay another penny the entire time you’re there. There are tons of beautiful, all-inclusive resorts (I highly suggest adult-only resorts) in Montego Bay such as multiple Sandals locations, the Iberostar, etc., but we stayed at Secrets Wild Orchid and absolutely adored it.


The cuisine was amazing… like so amazing that I gained 8 pounds during our trip. The breakfast buffet is to die for. There are 8 delicious restaurants for dinner ranging from Jamaican to Japanese to French and you can eat ice cream pretty much 24/7. Although we chose to also add in some excursions, the resort had tons of water sports for us to do and we had the best time snorkeling and kayaking.


The nightlife and entertainment were some of my favorite parts. I never knew I could be so in love with Bob Marley, but once you listen to his songs for a week, you go back to the good ole USA feeling pretty mellowed out and happy. We saw tons of local bands, acrobats, musicians, etc. Not to mention, the club is also lots of fun. I’ve never seen so many pretty shots and bartending performances in my life. We only made it to the club one night though because well.. all-inclusive means all-inclusive and your girl can’t hang.


Our room was beautiful and so was the view. I think I could have stayed there for like three more weeks at least.

*One note – (& I think it’s this way in lots of honeymoon suites) The bathroom is completely open to the bedroom, so you’re like hello… happy 1st day of marriage, now I have to go #2… like right here, with you in the room, sorry.



Things to Do

My husband and I left the resort two days out of our trip. The resort had lots to do, but we’re just not lie-around-all-day-at-the-resort kind of people, at some point we get stir crazy, plus we like to see the sites. Our first day out on the town, we went shopping, which I have to say, I don’t suggest. I, myself, love shopping and I loved getting to see the city and the locals, BUT it was so overwhelming. Getting pulled into dark back rooms by myself and having jewelry put all over me that of course I couldn’t say “no” to just isn’t my favorite thing to do. However, we did get some neat items to bring home like rum cake, rum, a painting by a local artist, some little Jamaican carvings and lots of t-shirts (my favorite).


The second excursion we went on is a must-do if you go anywhere near Montego Bay. I had just finished watching a season of The Bachelor not long before we planned our trip and was so jealous of their rafting date in Jamaica that Bryan and I had to go on a rafting trip of our own.


Ben & Caila river rafting on ABC’s The Bachelor

We rafted down the Martha Brae and I ate up every second. You have a guide who paddles you down the river and tells you all about the history of the area. It’s so beautiful and we got to stop by a river side shack to grab me a coconut full of rum. Even the ride to and from the location was fun because we got to see the homes in the hillsides and pet goats grazing in the yards.


I have a long list of places I want to visit, so we won’t be making it back to Jamaica this year, but I highly suggest it! Bryan and I had the best time, ate the best food and honestly, didn’t want to leave.

Have any questions about Montego Bay? Ask me – I’d love to help you plan your trip!


Safe travels mon!

C’est la vie,




15 thoughts on “Planning a Honeymoon or Vacation? Travel Review of Montego Bay, Jamaica

  1. erisvetis says:

    Jamaica is one of the places on my “Must See List.” Not only to me and my boyfriend do a lot of hiking, but we drag the kayaks out for ridiculous adventures here and there. Your river rafting trip looks amazing. I would absolutely love to do that. Thank you for the tips on shopping. I’m not a big shopper at all, but would go out if I needed something. I’ll skip being man handled. Thanks for the post!

  2. dearashblog1 says:

    Wow I love this! Jamaica looks so much fun. I would love to go someday. If I am ever planning a trip there, I am going to be certain I remember your post. Xoxo

  3. Jhunelle J says:

    Great that you enjoyed your stay here, and I love that you opted to not stay behind the resort walls and actually got a glimpse into the real island and it’s culture. Ha, sorry about your overwhelming shopping experience, our vendors are a special kind of persistent. Whenever you visit next, you should think about visiting Ocho Rios/ Kingston/ Negril/ Portland.

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