Things to Do During a Weekend Getaway in Chattanooga, Tennessee


This past weekend, some friends of ours got married in Chattanooga, Tennessee. My husband and I have been really excited for the weekend to come up because they are such a sweet couple and we couldn’t wait to celebrate their marriage. Selfishly, we were also excited to get out of town for the weekend for some very much needed fun and relaxation. We overestimated how much time we would have and planned a bunch of activities, but we were able to fit in a lot of fun while we were there. If you are looking for a fun weekend trip or planning to visit Chattanooga, TN, here’s some things you need to be sure to do!


Stay at a Fun Hotel


We stayed with the rest of the wedding guests at The Chattanoogan and it was so gorgeous! The rooms were really nice, clean and spacious. The lobby had the most beautiful Christmas tree and fireplace that made you want to cozy right up to it. The rehearsal dinner was held at the hotel, so we got the chance to sample some of their catering and it was SO good! Plus, they had a hotel bar that not only served the most delicious sangria, but also had a live band both nights that we had to be sure to drop in and listen to. Not to mention, the hotel is pretty centrally located, so we were able to walk just about everywhere… to eat, to go out, even to get our nails done. Overall, we had a really great experience there and it made our trip so much more comfortable and enjoyable.


Get Brunch… more than once.


In case you guys didn’t already know from my post all about brunch, I love it. Luckily, in Chattanooga, there’s tons of cute places that serve all of my brunch favorites. I’m so serious when I say you have to go to brunch both days that you’re there… there’s too much goodness that you don’t want to miss out on. While we were there, the girls and I ate at Tupelo Honey. We were all feeling a little rough from the night before, so my ham, scrambled eggs and goat cheese grits did just the trick. On Sunday, my husband and I ate at Milk & Honey. He said it wasn’t his favorite, but I adored the place. It’s over in North Shore across the bridge and everything is made from scratch, right there. I had some of their delicious, homemade orange juice along with french toast and fresh fruit. It was a quaint joint, but I loved the vibe and the food!


Take a Walk Downtown


This is one of my favorite downtown areas I have visited so far. Everything feels so clean and happy and pretty. While you’re walking around you’ll see lots of cool architecture, neat statues and cute shops. The girls and I got to spend the day exploring (since our guys were groomsmen and had to take pictures for the wedding) and we had a really good time. We got to see a little tea shop, a hot chocolatier, a distillery and got our nails done at one of the coolest nail salons I’ve ever been to. There’s so much to see, so make sure to get a little exercise in and take on the town.


Experience the Nightlife


So, I’m sure the nightlife isn’t what Chattanooga is known for… it’s not an Atlanta or Athens, but it’s a pretty cool scene. We were able to walk to the bars from our hotel and we loved one so much we stayed almost all night. We really didn’t see anyone walking out and about, so we were worried it was going to be dead, but it seemed like everyone was at Clyde’s on Main. It was a really cute bar that was quiet enough that you could talk, but also had a really good live band playing (they were from Aiken, SC… so close to home, how crazy is that?). It also had some cool tables and sofas so you could chill or you could dance on the dance floor. Not to mention, the drinks were cheap. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Visit Lookout Mountain


So, we were lucky that the wedding reception was held at Lookout Mountain (it was soooo beautiful by the way) because this was something we wanted to see. My parents took me once when I was really little, but I don’t remember much of the trip. It’s really cool because you can view so much of the city below and actually see more than one state at a time. I’d love to go back and spend a little more time outdoors here!

There were also some other things we really wanted to do while we were in town, but didn’t quite have time for. 😦 I’ll share them here for you in case you plan to make the trip. These are a couple of attractions I’ve heard you don’t want to miss out on.

Enchanted Garden of Lights at Rock City (this is seasonal of course)

Tennessee Aquarium

Ruby Falls

So, there you have it – I hope you have so much fun!

C’est la vie,




15 thoughts on “Things to Do During a Weekend Getaway in Chattanooga, Tennessee

  1. Miranda Yancey says:

    I went to Chattanooga for my birthday weekend and came across this super fun 80s/90s bar, Regan’s Place. We were heading back to our hotel and passed a building that had a blow-up Frankenstein in the front (my birthday is in October) and a line of people outside. We were like “we have to go there!” and it ended up being the most fun place to dance the night away! The drinks were pricey and not that good but the music and vibe of the place was awesome. Just thought I would share in case you go back!

  2. Melanie S says:

    Love this post!!
    Tennessee is one of my favorite states, but I have never been to Chattanooga (we spent the majority of our time each year near Knoxville)! I will have to make it a priority to get there soon!! Would especially love to go to Lookout Mountain. I have also heard so many good things about Milk & Honey! Honey is literally a food group in my world, so I need to get there!!

    I currently have a travel linkup going on over on my blog and this post would be a great addition! Feel free to join in on the fun 🙂

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