Christmas Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life – Featuring JORD Wood Watches

Thank you to Wood Watches by Jord for sponsoring this post!
Figuring out what to get the men in your life (whether that be your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, etc.) for Christmas can be so difficult. For me, growing up in a household of 5 women and one man, it’s something I’ve always struggled with. I’ll never forget the year I bought Bryan a camo mosquito repellent blower thing because the guy at the hunting store recommended it only to realize it was a pretty dumb gift, haha!
So each year I try to plan ahead, think of creative ideas (which can be hard after you’ve been with someone for a long time) and when all else fails, I usually end up Googling “Christmas gift ideas for your husband” or “Christmas gift ideas for your dad”. Most times, these searches don’t end up helping AT ALL, but hey, you never know where you’ll find inspiration.
Nonetheless, since I’ve started blogging, I’ve come across some really cool brands that make holiday gifts that the man in your life will ACTUALLY want. Thank God! So, here’s a list to make your life 10x easier… get shopping & enjoy! 🙂

JORD Wood Watches

Recently, I’ve been seeing these wood watches around and knew I HAD to get one. When JORD reached out to me to partner up, I was so excited! These aren’t just a cool watch to have, they’re made from really unique woods from all across the globe. Plus, they give you that upscale, modern and sophisticated look while also keeping that chill and down to earth vibe.
Initially, I was interested in a women’s watch for me (yes, I know it’s crazy, but I may be making the switch from my usual Michael Kors to a JORD Wood Watch!). Then, when I saw the selection of men’s watches, I realized just how perfect this would be to add to my Christmas shopping list for a certain man in my life (I won’t say who, so it’s still a surprise). Check out the one I got (the Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood Men’s Watch)… I’m so in love!
They have tons of options with different woods, shapes, colors, faces, etc. and you can even engrave a message directly on the back of the watch or on the box to create a really unforgettable gift. So basically, if you’re looking for a unique watch for your man/dad/brother, you should definitely check these guys out! PLUS, they’ve got some holiday treats for you. 🙂 Just click here and you’ll instantly be emailed a $25 e-gift code to use on the site – yay! *This giveaway closes on 12/18/16 at 11:59 pm, so make sure to grab it now!

King’s Creek Apparel


 Everywhere I go I see guys (and girls) wearing these hats and t-shirts. This is in part due to the fact that they are based out of my hometown, but also because this brand has just blown up in the past couple of years. They’re one of my favorite stores to shop online and I’m not even kidding when I say I haven’t met one guy who isn’t obsessed with them. Their men’s hats come in a bunch of color combinations whether you’re a bulldawg fan (they have tons of other schools I won’t name here) :), you’re feeling a little patriotic, you’re a little on the Southern side or if you’re just looking for something different. They also have some really cute short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts if you want to treat yourself. Not to mention, I have another little Christmas gift for you!  Get 15% off your purchase at King’s Creek with the promo code “ANNA15”!




This ladies, is a win-win! Don’t know what Harry’s is? It’s a shave club that sends your man good quality razor blades, shaving kits and really all things needed for men’s shaving online and delivered to your doorstep. It’s super affordable and not only will your husband be soooo happy because he’ll have replacements on a regular basis after you dull up his razors shaving your legs :), but also you’ll have a clean-shaven, good-looking man! Just visit this link to get him months worth of shaving goodness. They have SO many goodies too like a traveling case, shave gel, post shave balm and more. Plus, it comes all wrapped up in a pretty box! What’s not to love?


Boudoir Photos


ALERT: These are obviously not for dads and brothers, haha, but they do make fun gifts for husbands!

Before my wedding, I did a boudoir shoot with Amber Phinisee Photography and I was SO nervous. Not only am I just super awkward… I’ve tried to make some Vicky’s Secret type faces before in selfies… and it’s NOT pretty! lol Nonetheless, I figured it would be a really cool gift to give him and I might not ever look that good again, so I did it. Amber made it so much less awkward than I thought it would be. She had on music, she laughed a lot, was super sweet and helped tell me how to pose. It’s a really thoughtful gift and a neat thing for him to have for the rest of time.  You can pretty much schedule with her any time (and she travels!), especially if you’re wanting to get it done before Christmas, but she also has her Je T’aime Sessions coming up January 27th & 29th for anyone more local who wants a little more time to workout and in that case, it can make a great Valentine’s Day gift!

A Dog

Yes, I’m literally saying buy him a puppy. I mean obviously not if he’s allergic to dogs or not a dog guy (which in that case, does he have a heart?!) , but if he even in the slightest likes dogs, I swear this will be a gift he’ll never forget. I guess it’s been about 7 years ago now, but one Christmas I gave my husband a black lab named Champ. From the second he saw him, he was in love. It was so great because he said it was literally the best Christmas present he had ever gotten and at the same time it sucked, not only because I can never out-do that gift, but also because sometimes I seriously wonder who he loves more.. me or the dog! Nonetheless, Champ is his best friend and I’ll forever be glad that I added him to Bryan’s life.

There are SO many options for gifts for your favorite guy, but if you want to dress him up in a new King’s Creek hat and tee, bling up his wrist with a beautiful, new JORD wood watch, get him clean-shaven and happy… this list should work just fine. 😉

Happy Shopping y’all!

C’est la vie,



Don’t forget to grab your $25 e-gift code from JORD Wood Watches before time runs out! The giveaway ends on 12/18/16 at 11:59 pm!


Wooden Wristwatch


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