Our 1st Married Christmas: Picking Out a Real Christmas Tree


Although my husband and I dated for 10+ years before getting married, meaning we’ve celebrated lots of Christmases together, this will be our first ever Christmas as husband and wife. Recently after watching the Thanksgiving episode of This is Us where Mandy Moore and Jess (from Gilmore Girls – sad I know him as that instead of his character’s name on the show, haha!) made their own Thanksgiving traditions, I felt inspired for Bryan and I to make our own as well.

Years ago… like before I was born, my parents had a real Christmas tree and it was just their luck that it had some kind of bugs nesting in it which lead to their house being swarmed with them. Ever since, my parents have sworn off real Christmas trees. We’ve had an artificial tree my entire life and that’s all I’ve known.

Our First Married Christmas Real vs Fake Christmas Tree

With this being our first Christmas together as husband and wife, I really wanted to try out some things for the first time, SO we got a real Christmas tree y’all!! On Thanksgiving night, after we finished dinner with my family, Bryan surprised me and drove us to Snowy Mountain tree lot. You would have thought I was a child at Disney World the way I was acting. The whole lot felt like Christmas and I didn’t want to leave. I looked at each and every tree to see how tall they were (I used my husband as a measuring stick) :), what shape they were, if they seemed full, etc. Finally, we picked one, had them pack up our car for us and we were on our way.

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I know a lot of people debate on whether you should have a real or fake Christmas tree and I’m not for one side or the other, but if you’re trying to decide, here are a few pros & cons of both.

Real Christmas Tree Pros:

  • Going to pick out the tree feels like a Christmas adventure in itself
  • It’s easier than pulling a heavy artificial tree out of the attic, getting out all of the pieces, fluffing them (my arms are getting itchy just thinking about it) and putting it all together (I say this, but I also didn’t have to carry it in from the car and put it in the stand, haha!)
  • Buying a real tree helps support local farmers and businesses
  • It’s more eco-friendly
  • They smell good…says everyone, but y’all I must be crazy, because my tree has NO smell… anyone know why? I want to enjoy this pine & balsam-smelling goodness that everyone talks about.

Real Christmas Tree Cons:

  • They shed needles on the floor, which means more vacuuming
  • They cost more money since you have to pay for them annually
  • You have to water them on a regular basis
  • They aren’t reusable

Fake Christmas Tree Pros:

  • Ours have always been pre-lit, so no needing to untangle and string the lights on the tree
  • They’re cost-efficient and reusable, since a one time investment of a couple hundred dollars can last pretty much a lifetime.
  • No watering & no fire hazard
  • No needles to clean up
  • Fake trees are usually pretty symmetrical and well… almost perfect

Fake Christmas Tree Cons:

  • You have to put them up, clean them up and have space to store them
  • As mentioned earlier, you have to fluff them, which takes a lot of time and always seems to make me really itchy
  • They’re not very eco-friendly
  • Most of the time, you can tell they’re fake

So far, I’ve really loved having my real tree. Something feels so special and festive about it, especially since we went together and picked it out ourselves. In my future home, I plan to have several trees, so I’ll probably have a mix of real, large ones and fake, smaller ones to fill my home. There’s perks to both!


What do y’all think? Are y’all real tree or fake tree lovers?

C’est la vie,



10 thoughts on “Our 1st Married Christmas: Picking Out a Real Christmas Tree

  1. Jocelyne says:

    How pretty πŸ™‚ I remember when my family and I got our first Christmas tree (real). We actually found it in the street and we thought it was the coolest thing ever. We brought it home and it smelled so good. It lasted for weeks. I thought we were sooo blessed. And you’re right it is an adventure for sure. Thanks for sharing yours. -Jocelyne from resonatecreations.com

  2. Rebecca Hicks says:

    I LOVE real trees, but I can definitely understand the negative side to having them as well. I currently have a fake tree that I love, but someday (probably when we get a house), I’ll finally convince my hubby to let us get a real one. At least once! I still remember the time my family got a real tree, and we had SO much fun drinking hot chocolate and making s’mores afterwards.

  3. Alexandria Connell says:

    Hi Anna just recently started following your blog. Long time no see. Growing up my grandmother had a real tree and we always had fake. When I got married my husband and I got a real tree. He and his family have always had a real tree and I’ve always wanted one of my own. His family always went to a tree lot of lowes to get a tee. We got our first two at lowes and started the new tradition of going to the Christmas tree farm and letting the kids run in the field of trees and help us pick out a tree and watch it be cut down. I hope to carry on the tradition for many years to come. Hope you both are enjoying married life.

    • annamullikinfreeman says:

      Hey Ali,

      Thanks so much for reading! πŸ™‚ That situation is pretty similar to mine. Bryan had a real tree before, but for me, this year was such a treat. I love that y’all actually go to a farm and cut one down. I think that would be so fun and we’ll definitely have to try it out next year!


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