What Happened When My Husband Went on a Bachelor Trip


The term “bachelor trip” brings up a lot of things for a lot of people. For some people it brings up thoughts of late nights at the bar, strippers and lap dances. For others, it’s something simple like a round of golf. Either way, there are a lot of mixed emotions about bachelor and bachelorette trips.

For my own wedding, my husband and I were really leery about the whole thing. Not that we were worried that each other would do something to mess up our relationship, but more so the stigma around the whole thing just gave us both anxiety. I mean there we were… feeling so in love and getting ready to commit our lives to each other, but first, we had to have our “last fling before the ring” and go out to celebrate our last days as “single” people (despite the fact we hadn’t been single for 10+ years). Nonetheless, we went on our trips, had a good time with our friends and our wedding went off without a hitch.


Fast forward to this weekend. My husband was invited on a bachelor trip for one of his very good friends who is getting married in a couple of weeks. He was going with a group of guys who in past years has had their fair share of fun (he has too at times). So had this come up a few years ago, I would have been stressed out of my mind. Every one has different feelings on this subject as well… but strippers and strip clubs are a no-go for me. It’s not something I tolerate or accept from my husband and unless he’d like to see me up on a pole naked for a bunch of guys, he doesn’t need to see some other girl doing it. *Side note: this is my own personal opinion, for some couples this is no big deal, but for us, it is.

We aren’t foolish high school or college kids anymore though, sowing our wild oats and desperate to seem cool to our friends. I was so not worried about my husband going on this trip that I actually forgot it was coming up until the day or so before he was leaving. The best part of this whole situation though, is what happened when my husband went on this trip.

The night before he left he came to me to let me know he had learned that the cabin they were staying in would have no cell service, but would have a land line. I appreciated that and felt fine about it, but instead he pulled out his phone and suggested we both download a video chat app to use on wifi (the loser no longer has an iphone lol, so facetime wasn’t an option). I kind of gave him a funny look and said, I don’t have to be able to video chat you, we can just talk on the land line when you’re there and I’ll be fine, but he downloaded it anyway… that way I could reach him whether he was at the cabin or the restaurant or casino and so I wouldn’t have to worry or not be able to get a hold of him. Swoon.


Then… without me prompting him, he took an extra step to let me know that he was about 99% sure that there would be no strippers involved, but just in case, if there were, he’d have no problem leaving. Y’all.. I always assumed he would have my best interest at heart, but I also know how hard it would be to tell your friends you’re not going to do what they all are and walk away, so I couldn’t help but feel so treasured and loved in this moment.

So, he went… and I missed him, but it was such a good thing. He got to be up in the wilderness and spend time at the casino, both things that he loves, all while getting to spend some much needed time with the guys. As for me, I had some much needed sleepovers with my best friend and my sisters, ate lots of yummy food, got to spend time with my niece and just do fun girl things. Not to mention, I didn’t have to worry once.

What-happened-when-my-husband-went-on-a-bachelor-trip Amber Phinisee Photography

We were both so busy that it went by in a flash and we were really happy with each other when he returned home. So basically… what happened when my husband went on a bachelor trip is that he took the time to remind me just how much he loves me, even though he didn’t have to. The trust that we have in each other was reinforced and I felt just how much he values you me as his best friend and wife.

He’s going to be so embarrassed about this blog post, but I was so taken back by this whole situation and this display of love that I had to write about it. Guys… take note. Be understanding, be loving, be trustworthy and sometimes put your wife before yourself. It pays off… trust me. 😉

C’est la vie,





11 thoughts on “What Happened When My Husband Went on a Bachelor Trip

  1. aretzlaff says:

    That’s so nice that he went out of his way to reassure you!! It’s so nice to see a husband so aware of his wife’s emotions!

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