For the American Who is Feeling Indifferent About Voting


With the election just 10 days away, I think lots of American citizens are feeling stressed, apathetic or unhappy about it. We’ve been put in a position with two candidates are who are both kinda crooked and watching them debate is more so comical than beneficial to us at all better understanding their stance on the issues. It’s weird, because growing up, during elections, I looked at these candidates as these incredibly smart superheroes that we got to choose from to lead our country and better our government. The older I get though, the more I realize just how shady most politicians are. It doesn’t matter which party they affiliate with (republican, democrat, libertarian, etc.) or what good things they say, most likely, they’ve done some dirty things.

So with all of this negativity around the election and Clinton and Trump, it’s really easy to become indifferent about the outcome and to find voting to be more of a burden than a privilege. I, myself, have been feeling extremely stressed trying to figure out who to vote for, but I have to remind myself why it’s so important that I do make a decision and take the time to vote. If you’re in the same boat as me, remind yourself of these things.

Voting is a privilege


Do you realize that there are quite a few countries where citizens don’t have a say in who leads their country? Places where residents cannot voice their opinion on issues that directly affect them in their community? The beauty of democracy and of our country is that our voice is heard and we are allowed to say just about whatever we want. Other people wish they could have the freedom and ability to vote like we do, so we need to take advantage of that and not waste it.

Voting is a hard earned right


A large portion of the United States didn’t always have the right to vote. Our ancestors before us had to work hard and endure rejection, jail time and even abuse so we could have that right. If you think about it, although slavery ended for African Americans 5 or so years prior, they did not receive the right to vote until 1870 and even then for many years, the right was severely limited. For women, we didn’t receive the right until 1920. How crazy is that? Our Great Grandparents were alive during that time. I’m a sucker for women’s suffrage type movies, but if you’ve never watched Iron Jawed Angels you need to. It’s a really good film and it will remind you just how thankful you should be for those before us and what they did to make our lives better.

Voting is your voice


No, you can’t call up the President and tell him you’re unhappy about something, but you can let your representatives know what you’re happy with, unhappy with, legislation you want to see passed, etc. through elections. It also allows you to pick who you want to run our country (to an extent) :). If you don’t take the time to go and tell them what you want, you can’t be the one to bitch on social media about how it turns out. I swear people too generously put their opinions on social media, but often don’t take the time to try to incite real action.

I know this election sucks… and it’s stressful, but one way or another, we’ve got to make a decision and we’ve got to take the time to vote. I’m putting this out there, so that I’m accountable too and to make myself go take advantage of this privilege that has been afforded to me.

I’ll make this easy on you… not sure if you’re registered? You can check here.

Not sure who to vote for? You can find some help figuring out which issues are important to you and who stands for them here.

I challenge you to do our country a favor and make time to go to the polls, let me know if you do! 🙂

C’est la vie,




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