10 Ways to Make Your Home a Happier Place

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Being cozy in my home has always been one of my top priorities. My dad has always thought that I go above and beyond when it comes to decorating and organizing and caring what my space looks like (to an unnecessary point), but it really is SO important. I can tell a definite negative impact on my mood whenever my husband and I have been busy all weekend and not gotten our chores done, or even now as I’m working on decorating our home together and don’t quite have it finished. So if you are at all like me and you’re someone who yearns for a little more comfort and happiness in your home, I’m here to share 10 easy ways you can do it!

1. Vacuum often and with smell good powder


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Throughout college in most of my apartments, we rarely vacuumed the carpet and I had no idea how gross that is. Once you start doing planks every morning on the floor, you’ll really come to realize just how much hair and dust is down there. Have you ever noticed that vacuuming the floor instantly makes your home seem cleaner? It also makes the carpet feel so much more comfortable under your feet. To make it even better, purchase a smell good carpet powder. These are the best! A lot of bad odors are stuck in your carpet, so this helps to deodorize it, plus, when you vacuum it brings that smell up into the air throughout your home. Some people worry about the chemicals in these powders being bad for your health, so just be sure to check the label to see what all is in it before purchasing!


2. Fill your home with things you love

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Whether that’s items or photos or people, just be sure to keep them present in your house. Your home should be a place filled with loved, so if each and every day you wake up to photos of your wedding day or favorite vacation on your wall, it’s instantly going to lift your mood. Maybe instead it’s your favorite artwork, the effect should be the same! For others, it’s people. If you love having lots of company, be sure to plan get togethers and have people over often.


3. Keep things maintained


It’s all too easy to let burnt out light bulbs stay out or to leave scuff marks on the wall, but although you might not realize it negatively effects you, subconsciously it does! Instead of waiting weeks to take care of it, instantly, put in a new light bulb, wipe off the scuff marks, steam the couch or scrub small stains out of the carpet. Staying on top of these types of things won’t let them add up and in the end, you’ll have a cleaner and happier home.


4. Let sunshine in


Unless you are one of those people who is basically a vampire and hates sunshine (I shudder at the thought), you should let natural light into your home. It is so good for you for so many reasons…but mostly it’s good for your health and mood. It naturally warms your home, plus provides a happy light that indoor lighting cannot provide. Plus, it can make you more calm, focused and productive. I love to let as much sunshine in as possible, but sometimes, my husband has to rein me in because leaving all of the windows and doors open can be not-so-great for your power bill.


5. Burn candles


Candles are another source of soft light and good smells. Seeing a trend here? Lighting and how your home smells are a huge part of how happy your home feels. I can literally spend hours in a store (or until my head hurts) sniffing different scents of candles. Once you find one that you love and would be happy smelling every day, buy it and in large quantities. There are certain scents I love year round, like french vanilla, then others I like seasonally like ocean breeze for summer, pumpkin spice for fall and Christmas cookies for winter. My very favorite candles are either Yankee Candle because of their strong scent or Woodwick because they actually make a crackling sound like a fireplace which is super cozy.



6. Keep positive reminders


Having a positive saying or reminder where you will see it every day is a really good way to stay motivated, focused on your goals and in a positive mind frame. Good places are right inside your door where you walk in and and out every day, or maybe on the fridge. I try to keep positive sayings all around because when you see them they really do remind you of  how precious life is and how pointless it is to stay in a bad mood. I ordered some really cute prints from Jane and will tell you even more about them in a blog post coming soon about my above desk decor.  🙂


7. Grow & take care of plants


I can’t say that I do this one well because my plants usually die, but when they do work out, they make me SO happy! Plants are good to have in your home because they improve the air quality (so yay for your health), they make for cheap decorations and they truly make your home a happier place.


8. Rid yourself of negative items


This one is important… and also hard. A lot of us tend to hold onto old things; high school yearbooks, photos of an ex, that hideous piece of home decor that your mother-in-law gave you that you never wanted in the first place, and they really don’t do us any good! Seeing these items on a regular basis or even running into them every year when you get the Christmas decorations out of the attic just brings up negative memories and introduces negative feelings into your home. Don’t feel bad about throwing them out… this is your home and you should only have things that make you happy within it. Seriously though, if you’re single and have photos of your ex around in frames, THROW THEM OUT NOW. That’s the best piece of advice I can give you.


9. Get a pet


So, don’t do this nonchalantly. Pets are a big responsibility and should be taken care of and thought of just like children, but if you can give the time and energy to a creature that a pet takes, do it now! They are the best lovers, cuddlers, bad mood fixers, etc. They love you unconditionally and couldn’t be happier to see you each day when you walk through the door. Now that I have dogs, I can never imagine going back and they make my home ten times happier.


10. Buy a comfy couch and have lots of comfortable pillows and blankets


My couch is my happy place. That sounds sad, doesn’t it? I suppose it should be running outside or in the gym, but no, it’s the couch. It’s where I can cuddle and watch movies with my husband, where I can have girl friends over to eat pizza and where I can lie and watch countless episodes of Sex and the City when I’m sick. An uncomfortable couch is a pointless couch… at least in my opinion! Plus, lots of comfy blankets and pillows are a must. The more pillows, the better, although my husband would disagree. He literally made me sell 30 pillows when we moved in together!

So that’s it, ten easy things you can do to make your home a happier place. Try it out and let me know how it goes! 🙂

C’est la vie,




14 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make Your Home a Happier Place

  1. andreasnotebook says:

    I love these ideas! Especially filling your home with things you love, rather than just things that make it magazine ready!

    • annamullikinfreeman says:

      Thanks Andrea! I’ve always wanted a “magazine ready” home and although it’s great to get ideas there, real homes are going to look lived in and we shouldn’t worry about obtaining that unrealistic standard! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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