5 Things Your Husband Hates to Hear

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I love my husband, but I know there are a few things I say that he absolutely dreads hearing. I can almost guarantee that I’ll hear moaning and groaning or even a little fit pitching in these situations. Here are the five things your husband hates to hear.

  1. I don’t know where I want to eat. 


Good Lord! Who knew a phrase could be so offensive? I truly think the restaurant choosing process causes the majority of the fights in our relationship. I’m not indecisive about everything in life, but one thing I have a hard time deciding is where to eat. It doesn’t matter if I’m by myself even… sometimes I just can’t decide what I’m craving. What’s worse is when he finally picks somewhere and I’m like… well, no, I don’t know what I want, but I don’t want that. Nothing makes him mad more quickly.


2. I just need to run a couple of errands.


When my husband is in the car with me and hears me utter this phrase, he immediately acts like the walls are closing in. He looks like a child who’s about to pitch a fit because they don’t want to go to school. Immediately, I hear how a of couple of errands aren’t just a couple of errands and how we’re going to be shopping forever. I’ve learned quickly, it’s better just to take him home and go out on my own because otherwise, he makes me feel rushed the entire time. What can I say though? Any time he says we need to stop in Lowe’s really quickly, my heart sinks too!


3. You’re tired already?


I know I mentioned this before in my post about what I’ve learned in my first 2 months of marriage, but my husband and I are on completely different sleep schedules and after talking to a bunch of other couples, I’ve realized a lot of people have this issue. I have always been a night owl and he’s always been an early bird and despite how much we try to compromise on this, there are plenty of nights that he is dog tired and I’m ready to go. When I’m ready to go out and hang out with people or when we’ve just started a movie and I hear him utter the dreadful phrase “I’m tired”, he prepares to hear me say the dreaded “you’re tired already?” which sometimes gets us in a little funk before bed, but we’re working on it.. that’s all we can do, right?


4. I think I’m pms-ing. 


In this moment, I don’t think he knows what to do. Not that pms-ing is an excuse for anything, but he does know to expect a little more mood swinging, crying more easily and me eating us out of house and home when this time strikes. I’m lucky that I have a husband who will run to the store to get ice cream and laugh with me when I can’t figure out why I’m crying so hard over a movie, but I can tell he feels a little nervous as soon as I say this phrase… he never knows what’s coming next.


5. Let’s take a selfie.


I’m giggling to myself just thinking about my husband’s reaction whenever I pull out my phone and ask him to take our picture. There is nothing he hates more than to be seen by other people taking a selfie. First, he moans and groans. Then, he agrees to do it, but takes it really quickly with some funny looking, half smile where we’re not centered and it’s overall just an ugly picture. So, of course, I ask him to retake it, which further frustrates him.

So there you have it, the five things your husband hates to hear. Got some goodies I forgot? Share them with me, I’ll have to test them out. 😉

C’est la vie,




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