Peace, Love & Unity


Y’all… I haven’t even begun telling you what this post is about and I’m afraid to do it. Politics and social injustice issues are not fun. They’re controversial, sticky and scary to have an opinion about. If you’re like me, you find yourself nervous to say anything for fear of saying the wrong thing, but at the same time, you know that many people see silence as a form of racism, sexism, hate.

I, myself, never post political stuff on social media. For one, I don’t know everything (shh.. don’t tell my husband I admitted to that!). Unless, I am a politician whose job is to know issues front and back or a political science guru who reads news on current events all day, everyday, I can’t pretend that I understand everything. I try my best to stay abreast of current issues and to research both sides before picking where I stand, but if it’s difficult for me, I assume it’s probably difficult for most average citizens to truly understand the issues and formulate a solid opinion based on their own research and understanding.

Secondly, SO much of what is posted on social media is b.s. Someone posts something hateful or not founded on any statistical data whatsoever and then it gets shared like the plague. Everyone who thinks they know something, believes it and shares it and it’s so annoying/embarrassing for them. *Note: this doesn’t apply to everyone.

Finally, it’s just not the place or time. This isn’t to say that social media hasn’t brought about positive social change or been a place to come together for a cause, but when you get on Facebook and your whole newsfeed is filled with both sides barking back and forth it’s counterproductive. If I see one more “I’m blocking SO many people today” or “If you don’t agree, you’re racist” posts I’ll gag myself. We’re going to quit being friends with people because they have a different opinion than us? We’re going to strongly condone a stance we really don’t even understand why we’re standing for? Enough.

Nonetheless, this is probably the most political you’ll ever see me get in the open world. My friends may disagree as they have stayed up with me until 3 in the morning debating why sexism is still a HUGE issue, but here again, this is an issue I HAVE researched and am willing to DEBATE, not saying that my thoughts are law.



This post comes to fruition because of a photo my friend, Tristan, shared on social media that actually struck a chord with me and made sense. It couldn’t be more true. I have seen God-awful videos of cops being violent that make my stomach churn, but almost every policeman I know is a good person who truly wants to protect and serve us. The few too-jacked-up-on-steriods cops that hate people based on the color of their skin, their sexual orientation or their economic status and use their authority to commit brutality, give the rest a bad name.

Literally, pretty much every African-American person I know is the opposite of a “thug”. I won’t use “they” because that implies that all African-American people are the same, but people with black skin are really beautiful people. I have had friends who were beautiful dancers, roommates that taught me more about the bible than I thought I’d ever know, classmates that whooped my butt when it came to creative advertising plans, etc. Plus, where would we be without African-American culture? Can you really tell me you could live without/hate Beyonce? What about Olivia from Scandal (aka my role model for life) or Jackson Avery from Grey’s (yes, we love you Jesse)?

What about Hispanics? Every person I know of Latino descent is a perfectly wonderful citizen. Again, I have had friends who are the most talented artists, classmates who brought so much to the table, acquaintances who had fashion sense that I’d die to have. People hear “Hispanic” and immediately categorize them as immigrants (often illegal), but pretty much everyone who lives here in the good ole USA is a descendant of an immigrant, so…..

That brings me to Muslim people. Can you think of one Muslim person you personally know who is a terrorist? I can’t. I have never come in contact with someone who is Muslim and felt afraid. The people I know overall are pretty respectful, kind and peaceful. There are some that are outgoing and fun, others that are incredibly smart and more that are successful in the business world. We see acts of terror on the news and turn to fear, when we need to realize that many Muslim people are fearful too.

That brings me to people with white skin. Cue, me feeling nervous and like I could vomit again writing this section. I want to choose my words wisely here so as not to offend. Most white people are not racist. Just like there are African-American “thugs” that are few and far between, a small group of Hispanic illegal immigrants, outliers in the Muslim population who commit acts of terror, there are also some white people who are racist. Just like it sucks for the other races though, it sucks for white people that most of the population is assumed to be that way. I bet if people of other races sat back and thought about people they knew personally, they might come to realize that most of them are not racist people. There are a range of people with white skin from “thugs” of their own to super successful CEOs; people who can dance like crazy and peaceful yogis who love everyone and everything.


This is a cry for peace, love and unity. Our country seems to be growing increasingly divided every day. When will we realize that hatred is not the answer?

I’m not asking for everyone to be okay with how things are and quiet themselves. Our country has major issues, but what we all need to realize is that yes, certain groups of people are oppressed and that needs to be fixed. We also need to realize that people with white skin are not always necessarily the enemy, just like I have to remind myself that men are not always the enemy. If we want to see a more equal, peaceful world, we have to change the way we’re currently doing things and come together regardless of what skin color we may have, what sex we are and what religion we practice.

So that’s that. All I’m asking is that everyone stop tearing each other down and start taking steps to enact positive change.. and that can only happen one step at a time. Through love and unity, we will find peace.

No worries though, my blog is usually a pretty light, happy place to live in, so you can definitely expect yummy summer recipes, awkward marriage moments and my thoughts on The Bachelorette in the future.

C’est la vie,




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