10 Thoughts You Have When Watching OITNB With Your Boyfriend


With Orange is the New Black season 3 being released on Netflix this week, it seems the perfect time to reflect on 10 thoughts we’ve all had while watching one of our fave shows with our significant others. You have to admit, OITNB is the perfect combination of drama, laughs and…. uncomfortable moments. I mean any time a movie or show has an incessant amount of nudity and sexual encounters it feels a little awkward, but this is a different story. Here’s ten thoughts I’ve had while watching OITNB with the boo.

1. I wonder what he thinks about these girls not knowing they have a pee hole. Did he know girls have a pee hole? oitnb 2

2. Sophia, the transgender is super hot. I wonder if he thinks she’s super hot. I wonder if he can tell she was a man.

3. Oooh that girl just busted up that other girl, does he look like he’s cringing as much as I am?

4. There are a ton of naked girls, but who cares if he sees them all, they’re not hot. Oh wait, she has amazing boobs… look away!

5. Ew, did that girl really put a dirty tampon on her cafeteria tray? He looks like he’s going to hurl. oitnb 3

6. Every time they say Poussey I laugh. I hope he’s as immature about this as me.

7. He looks super uncomfortable when this girl is talking about “taking her shits”, does he realize all girls have poop issues?

8. Bahaha Larry and his dad are in a gay, naked bathhouse. Now he gets to feel as awkward as I do throughout the whole show. oitnb 4

9. Oh, yep, that girl is pleasuring herself. What awkward conversation can we make to pass the moment?

10. Wow, lots of girl on girl action. Wait, there’s more. Oh and they’re hooking up and so are they and so are they. Seriously, how long can we awkwardly look around the room without missing the show?

Maybe the rest of you aren’t as awkward as I am (I mean count how many times I said “awkward” in one post) and it won’t by any means keep me from binge watching the show with my boyfriend, but I don’t think I’ve ever blushed watching TV as much as I do while watching OITNB. Do y’all feel the same?

oitnb 5

C’est la vie,



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