Fave Fall Fashion Accessories

Outfit by Red Dress Boutique & Shoes from Just Fab

Outfit by Red Dress Boutique & Shoes from Just Fab

Happy Fall Y’all! With today being the first official day of fall, I am bringing you guys my favorite fall fashion accessories. Fall is always a tricky time for fashion depending on where you live. Here in Georgia, you’ll sometimes see people still wearing shorts in October, but if the weather continues to be like it was today, we may be in for a colder season than we’re used to. Either way, like I told y’all in my Fall To-Do List, I make a point to enjoy fall fashion and all of its neat accessories. So here are my favorite ones!

photo 4

1. Boots & Booties

These are by far my all time favorite accessory. You’ll probably never see me wear anything else until March. Whether you tuck some skinny jeans into a cute pair of cowboy boots, pair booties with a cocktail dress or don your combat boots with high waisted shorts, boots & booties make a statement! They literally go with almost any clothing items and come in a wide assortment of colors, materials, heights and embellishments.

photo 1

2. Vests

Vests are the best. They provide you with just enough warmth without being smothered by a coat. The ones pictured here are faux fur, which I love because they’re bold and can go with almost any dress or shirt, but any type of vest can work. I am also a fan of crocheted, patterned and bubble vests.

photo 3

3. Scarves

Feeling like your outfit is a little dull? Add a bright patterned scarf! Scarves do provide you with warmth, but more than anything, they add a little excitement to your wardrobe. Everyone should have a closet full of solid, patterned, thin, thick, regular and infinity scarves. They’re not too expensive to buy and you can repeat outfits if you just add a different scarf each time.

photo 2

4. Leather Jackets

Like I said, here in Georgia it doesn’t get that cold in fall. For this very reason, we need jackets that provide just a little warmth without being overbearing. Leather jackets give you a little edge and also allow you to wear some of your summer shirts just a little longer. I think it’s important to have the staple black and tan leather jackets, but I hope to expand my closet to have an ivory, brown and maybe even bold colored leather jacket in the future.

There you have it. I’m sure you will see me sporting my favorite accessories all fall long. What are your favorites?

C’est la vie,



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