Fall To-Do List


So, let me start off by saying Seasonal Affective Disorder, commonly known as Seasonal Depression, is a real thing. When fall and winter start to come around some of us find ourselves in a slump, feeling more sad than usual. I have always had a hard time with this. For some reason, the plants dying, the cold weather, gray skies and having to stay indoors has brought me down. In recent years though, I’ve decided it’s a mind over matter thing and I’m not going to let it get to me. I looked online for things to do… it mentions medication, light therapy, etc. So, although a ton of y’all will probably look down on this, I do go to the tanning bed some to help with the symptoms. I also try to engage in stress relieving activities, but the most helpful thing I’ve found is that I create a Fall To-Do List for myself. I find all of the great things about fall and list them out for myself to do. When I’m feeling down, I make myself enjoy one of those things that you really only do in fall and winter. I’ve found it helps my mood a lot and that this year, I’m actually looking forward to fall. So, I’ve decided this year to share my fall to-do list with you guys. Maybe you can make one too… or maybe you have some ideas that I can add to mine. Here it goes…

1. Consume pumpkin everything.

Yah… I’ve stated it before, I’m basic. Fall comes around and I’m one of the first to start snapping pics of my pumpkin flavored coffee and posting them to Instagram. But why is everyone hating on pumpkin eaters? It’s a luxury that really only comes around in the fall and we should all enjoy it while it lasts. So this year, I’m going all out. I’m going beyond my Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes and eating pumpkin everything… pumpkin pie, pumpkin rice krispy treats, pumpkin ice cream, dare I say pumpkin lasagna?

2. Go to the mountains.  fall2

I love the mountains, but I hardly ever visit. This is probably because I’d rather spend my summers at the beach, in the caribbean or on a road trip somewhere, but the mountains are the most beautiful place in the fall and winter. I have decided this year whether it’s galavanting around in Gatlinburg or staying in the middle of nowhere in the Blue Ridge, I’m going. I mean, it’s a cheap trip once you invite a group of friends and split up the cost of a cabin. Not to mention, you aren’t going out to fancy dinners and bars while you’re there. It’s a perfect time to have a bonfire, enjoy nature and friends and sip on hot chocolate. Yum!

3. Pick up a new hobby.

Ever since leaving college, I’ve had a hard time finding a hobby that I love. This year I’m determined to do it. Maybe I’ll love going hiking. Embarrassingly enough, I’ve already bought a cute pair of boots that I think will look cool in Insta hiking pictures. Yes, once again, I’m basic. Or maybe it’s that I’ll like being indoors and connecting with my body and others in yoga classes. Whatever it is, I’m determined to find it and enjoy doing it all fall and winter long.

4. Go to classes.

No… not school classes, all sorts of classes. My mom and I have already talked about taking a wreath making class at the local craft store. I’d love to go to one of those painting classes with my friends or learn a new skill. I think it’s the perfect way to refresh and grow when everything outside is dying and hiding away.

5. Make a point to go on outings with friends.

There are so many neat festivals, wine tastings, concerts and activities to do with friends. This year, I’m going to make a point to NOT just tailgate at the football game, then sleep all day Sunday. I’m going to fill my weekends with lots of activities. For one, to stay busy, but for two to enjoy my friends and our time together now that we’re all back from summer vacations.

6. Buy cute fall clothes.  fall3

I wouldn’t say that my income allows for me to buy lots of clothes all of the time, but this time of year it’s important. Part of the reason I don’t like the colder months is because you have to wear big coats and no matter what you wear, it always feels cold and ugly. Well, this year I’m investing in cute pea coats, lots of new boots and boot socks and scarves on scarves on scarves. I’m going to online shop my little heart out and actually try to look cute this year.

7. Take care of my body.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think for most of us, this is the time we let our bodies go into hibernation. We’ve had to struggle all summer long trying to keep up our looks for bathing suit season and we see the fall and winter as time to eat lots of comfort food and hide our bellies. This year, I’m going to try not to. I’m going to make an effort to work out and take care of myself, so I don’t get into a body image slump like I usually do. Just because the world can’t see your body, doesn’t mean you should let it flab all up.

8. Go to a pumpkin patch/carve & paint pumpkins.

I swear my whole life doesn’t revolve around pumpkins, but they are such a fun part of fall. Every year, my boyfriend and I have an annual pumpkin carving and my friends and I usually also paint them. This year, I’m picking back up my pumpkin painting party. We’ll have lots of baby pumpkins with paint, sparkles and glitter galore. We’ll sip on wine and watch Halloween movies. Not to mention, who doesn’t love cute friend pictures in pumpkin patches? They’re the best.

9. Decorate like a fiend.

One of my favorite parts of fall is decorating my apartment. Out come the hay bails, “Happy Fall Y’all” wreathes, pumpkins and scarecrows. Of course, we’ll have to throw in a cinnamon broom and pumpkin spice air freshener for taste. It’s such a cute, fun time of year and sometimes you need constant reminders of that in your home.

10. Get ready for Christmas early.

#10 is a huge thing. I’ll honestly probably make a separate Winter To-Do List, because there’s just too much to list here, but this one is the most important. I used to be that person that didn’t want to hear Christmas music until December and got agitated seeing the decorations in stores at the end of summer, but I shall no longer! I am now a Christmas guru/lover/expert. I have learned to look forward to Christmas, buy gifts early to avoid the stress and even follow the Christmas Countdown on Twitter.

Well, there you have it guys; my list to get me through the fall. Maybe I’ll even update you guys on how it’s going. Let me know if y’all have any ideas of things I could add to my list to make the seasons more enjoyable for myself, I’m definitely open to suggestions.

For more fall inspiration, visit my fall Pinterest board here.

C’est la vie,



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