10 Reasons Sisters are the Best Friends a Girl Can Have


Sisters are genuinely the best friends a girl can have. Sure… you have your friends you’ve hung out with since elementary school and your roommate from college that you share everything with, but there is no one quite like a sister. I, myself, am lucky to have three sisters, one 27, one 21 and another 11… talk about a spread! Each one of them has touched my heart in a special way though and connects with me on a level that no one else can. Back in high school, hanging out with my friends and being out all the time was so important to me and now I realize, that truly your sisters are the MOST important. For those girls out there who don’t have sisters, I am truly sorry to you. Here are 10 reasons why sisters are the best friends a girl can have.

1. There’s no judgment. 

They know where you come from, every mistake you’ve ever made, your flaws and shortcomings, but there’s not an ounce of judgment. This isn’t to say your sister won’t tell you like it is, but you know even if she disagrees with you, she’s loves you all the same. When you mess up, she’s there for you and doesn’t hold it against you. Even when you say something awful to her or get in a fight, she will forgive you in less than a few hours.

2. They are the best shoulder to cry on.

When you have a little too much to drink and have an emotional cry fest, she’s there on the phone. When you feel guilty about getting in a fight with your parents, she understands. No matter what the circumstance, you know you can call her and she will be there to listen and console you until you can pull yourself together.

3. You don’t have to impress them. 1931264_1026353295255_4409_n

I can spend all day with my sisters without having showered, smelling to high heaven in old, torn sweatpants, no makeup and my hair in a greasy bun and they’ll still hang out with me. They’re there to cuddle on the couch with you, eating popcorn and m&ms and watching whatever movie is on TV.

4. Everything is funny.

I have a sense of humor, but I wouldn’t call myself the comedian on the block… but somehow when I’m with my sisters, they seem to laugh at just about everything I say. Not to mention, they can get me rolling in the floor, laughing until I can’t breathe and tears are streaming down my face and later I probably couldn’t even tell you what was funny. You can be completely weird and quirky and they love you more for it.

5. They have stories for days…

Because they’ve been around your whole life, they have a treasure chest of embarrassing stories to tell. Even though you blush when they start to tell them, you can’t help but laugh at yourself too. My sisters always shame me with a story from my childhood and it’s so embarrassing I can’t write it here, but all they have to do is call me “sweet thang” and we all erupt into laughter. (Inside jokes are the best obviously)

6. They are the best back scratchers.

Are these all sisters or just mine? I’ve tried to get my boyfriend to scratch my back like they do and it’s just not the same. I’ve tried to teach him and everything and he just can’t do it like they can. They will literally scratch my back no matter when I ask and it’s always the best. Poor baby… the youngest one will rub your feet, walk on your back, scratch your head, etc. She’s seriously got a heart of gold.

7. They’re just as excited as you are when good things happen. 225830_10100469061319200_8060618_n

When you get that new job, have something exciting happen with your boyfriend or have some momentous occasion occur, they are the first ones to know. Well… maybe mom and dad first, but they are a close second. You know when you call them they are going to be so proud and excited and it makes the moment all the better.

8. You can trust them.

You always think you can trust your best friend and for the most part you can, but there’s always that friend that sleeps with your boyfriend or talks bad about you to your other friends or ends up backstabbing you. You don’t see it coming, but I think everyone’s had a friend do it. There is a certain comfort in a sister that you can’t find anywhere else. You know that they would never intentionally hurt you and will always be on your side.

9. They’re a lot like you.

Although one may be more athletic, another really smart and another musical, in many ways we’re all the same. The same types of things upset us, we want to raise our kids in similar ways, we have the same body issues as each other (obviously, I mean they’re genetic!), we tend to enjoy the same types of music…the list goes on and on. It’s nice knowing when you put on your favorite song in the car they’re probably going to sing along too or if you have something you think is weird happen with your body, you can ask them about it, because they probably have it too.

10. They have always been there and you know they always will be. 1474475_10202579484558330_265978762_n

There hasn’t been a hard time I can remember when my sisters weren’t there for me. They have been there through good and bad, through fights and emotional breakdowns. You smile when thinking back on your life together, but you also smile at the future that lies ahead. Although I’m not ready at this point, it excites me to think about when we’re all married having babies together. Thinking about Christmas at my parents and everyone with their husbands and babies back together again, seriously does my heart good. There is no one I would rather spend time with and definitely no one I would rather grow old with.

I’m sure all you girls out there who have sisters can attest to what I’m saying. Sisters are a blessing and there’s nothing quite like them!


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