Top 10 Movies of Our Time


Notice I didn’t say… “top 10 movies of ALL time”. This is precisely because I’m sure my parents would include movies that wouldn’t come to mind for us or that I have never even seen. We all have those top 10 movies though that we quote in random situations, can watch no matter what mood we’re in and most likely have on DVD or even sometimes… VHS! Let me know if y’all agree or if I missed some of your favorites! 

1. TitanicTitanic_poster

Despite this being more of an adult movie, we all watched Titanic as children. We were scared for Jack when he was handcuffed to the pipes, mad at Cal when he hit Rose and so sad when she finally let go. In addition to having an amazing soundtrack, the plot was riveting and it is hands down one of the best movies of our time. It’s a great night in with the roomies and a glass of wine when you see Titanic is playing on TV.

2. Mean Girls

If you’re like me or any other girl I know, you randomly quote Mean Girls throughout your daily life. When we hear “get in loser we’re going shopping”, “on Wednesdays we wear pink” or “you go Glen Coco”, we all automatically smile and quote something right back. Surprisingly, Mean Girls came out 10 years ago this year… doesn’t that make you feel old? 

3. The Hangover

Sure it’s crude and rude, but you can’t help but laugh at it. There are a ton of comedies from our time that are great… Step Brothers, Bridesmaids, Knocked Up, but The Hangover really set the tone for all of them. 

4. Remember the Titanstitans

If you don’t love Denzel, you’re not human. Remember the Titans is one of those movies that tugs on your heartstrings. It makes you sad to see the racial injustice reenacted, but then you love watching the boys become the best of friends. Not to mention, who doesn’t smile thinking about that time when fat Louie starts singing, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”? 

5. Fried Green Tomatoes

If you haven’t seen this one, you’re missing out. My grandma used to watch it with me all the time and watching it back now, I’m kind of surprised. It’s one of those raw, good movies though that’s too true to life. It ends a little sad, but you can’t believe how everything works out! 

6. The Hunger Games

Obviously The Hunger Games was an epidemic. It went viral, sort of like a video online. We all started reading it, loved it and couldn’t wait to see the movie. Not to mention, Jennifer Lawrence became one of our favorite celebs ever. 

7. Harry Potter/Twilight

So, I know it seems weird that I put these on the same line, since they’re nothing alike, but I’m not a fan of either. I merely give these a line because I know deep down they define our era. Almost everyone I know loves these series and will watch them at any given moment. I’m one of the few souls left that haven’t read these books or watched these movies. Shocker, I know! 

8. Toy Storytoy

This may seem a little juvenile, but honestly, if there was room for all of the Disney movies I’d include them. Disney has continued to make amazing movie after amazing movie and we all grew up with them. From all of the princess movies to Finding Nemo, they’re truly the best. I list Toy Story because it’s one of the only ones that survived as a trilogy. Each movie as good as the last and if you tell me you didn’t cry in Toy Story 3, I won’t believe you.

9. The Ring

This is another movie I’m reluctant to include, but feel that I need to. I myself hate scary movies and ever since Exorcism of Emily Rose and Paranormal Activity, I won’t watch another one. That being said, The Ring was one of the first scary movies we all saw and it was one everyone had to see. It left you scared to go upstairs and flipping your hair over pretending to be Samara. Watching it back now, it isn’t that scary, but it still makes the top 10 list for nostalgia. 

10. The Notebook

Ahhh… our favorite love story. The Notebook started Nicholas Sparks on a long journey of turning his books into movies such as The Last Song and The Lucky One. It’s where we all truly fell in love with Ryan Gosling and saw a different side of Rachel McAdams. We’ll watch it ANYTIME it comes on and man… does it set the bar high for our relationships.

*Note: Pirates of the Caribbean probably should have been included here too, but I was only going to list 10!

So, these are the top ten movies of our time. Some funny, some romantic, some rom-coms and even a little scary. Let me know if I missed any of your favorites.

C’est la vie,



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