23 Reasons Being 23 is Awesome


I only turned 23 a few weeks ago, but it is pretty freaking great. Now, I understand that not everyone who is 23 is in the same place; some are married, some have babies, some are still in school… but for me, and for many others, this is why being 23 is so awesome.

  1. You’re over the woes of 22. When I turned 22, I felt like my whole life was changing. I had graduated school, I was back in my hometown, I wasn’t ready to get married, but felt grown in my new job. I had an early quarter life crisis and felt completely lost in who I was. Turning 23 was an epiphany for me.BLOG
  2. You’re making your own money. As much as it sucks to have all of your own bills, you’ve been taking care of that for a little while and are getting to make grown up decisions with your money, like building up a sweet savings account or buying a car.
  3. You’re still hot… maybe hotter than ever! For the most part, you’re wrinkle-free and relatively thin, but more womanly and put together than your 18-22 year old self. If only I had learned to fill in my eyebrows in college…
  4. Your friendships are genuine. For the most part, you’re over the bullshit fake friendships you had to keep up before. You don’t have a ton of time after work and such, so the people you choose to hang out with are legit. You love them and they love you back.
  5. You’ve found the value in reading. Some of you may have already known this value, but not I. I never had much time to myself so reading outside of my school studies wasn’t a priority. I’ve found myself seeking out books and actually enjoying time alone (shocker if you know me!)BLOG2
  6. It’s still acceptable to Netflix binge. We all still do it and now that you don’t have homework at night, you can actually feel better about this guilty pleasure.
  7. You can go out without getting trashed… not to say you don’t still do that sometimes, but you don’t have to. There are lots of cute bars that are worth going to, to sit and listen to live music while having a drink.
  8. You’ve learned to take care of your skin. Breakouts are few and far between because you’ve learned to wash, exfoliate, moisturize, use primer and nicer makeup on your face. If only I had cared enough to do this before.
  9. You don’t have kids. Life is at your fingertips. If you want to get up and spontaneously travel, you can. If you want to be completely selfish, you can…might as well enjoy it. blog3
  10. You can wear whatever you want. During the day you can look classy, cool and sophisticated and at night you can throw on your fun crop tops, patterned pants and headbands all without being judged. Can’t do that past your pre-babymaking years, you know?
  11. You’re totally in tune with the digital world. You’re past Facebook and even throwback Myspace. You’re taking full advantage of Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vine and tons of other fun social media sites. You don’t have to deal with gossip and status updates like high schoolers, but you understand and enjoy all of it, unlike older generations.
  12. Your parents are no longer the enemy, but your best friends. You are finally starting to understand some of their rules and tactics and you actually want to talk to them. You have things in common and they tell you things they wouldn’t dare have mentioned in your formative years. They’re actually, dare I say… cool.
  13. You aren’t worried about being cool. It’s no longer weird to be different, but people your age embrace it. It feels good to be yourself.       blog4
  14. It’s still acceptable to live with roommates. If you’re like me, you’re not ready to live with a man, but you don’t want to move back home. You still get to have fun living in a pretty little decorated apartment with your best friends and chilling with them after work instead of cooking dinner for a family or living in your childhood bedroom.
  15. You’ve acquired a taste for new foods. Sure around age 21 your taste buds started changing, but did you really force yourself to try things you knew you hated before? Chances are, you didn’t, but nowadays you are feeling open to trying new things. I constantly find myself trying new foods and being pleasantly surprised with new vegetables, desserts and complex tastes.
  16. You’ve realized it’s okay to stay home on a Friday night. There will be plenty of nights you want to go out, go to dinner, hang with friends, etc., but you’ve also discovered a newfound love for staying in. Sometimes, after a long week, you’re exhausted and cooking dinner with friends and watching a RedBox sounds just as good. Maybe sometimes, you want the boyfriend to come over and cuddle on the couch all night, but finally you feel totally un-lame for doing it.
  17. Maybe I’m naive in saying this, but there doesn’t seem to be as much drama. You don’t find yourself overanalyzing and mulling over mean girls women, you just vent about it and it’s over. You realize boys are just as much at fault as girls and if someone doesn’t like you, tough stuff, who cares?blog5
  18. You see the value in older music. You find yourself missing all of the N’Sync and Britney hits from the 90s and early 2000s. You understand the nostalgia your parents feel for Journey and Bon Jovi and you sort of feel nostalgic for those too. The new hits are still good, but if you have to choose between listening to One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” and Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield” you’ll probably listen to the latter.
  19. You’re not stuck in this job. You’ll probably have plenty more jobs and this is just a stepping stone, a networking opportunity, a great chance to learn. Don’t feel limited or stuck, because there are still lots of great opportunities lying ahead.
  20. Politics are actually starting to make sense. I mean they are still mind blowing and confusing, but you find yourself interested and forming your own opinion aside from your parents’.
  21. You’ve figured out what you want in a man. You might not have him yet, but you’ve been through your fair share of bad guys or bad fights as to know what you don’t want. You’ve realized what you value and whether you’re with someone or not, you’re confident in what you want.
  22. You’ve learned to love sleep. Not just the hangover all day sleep sessions or naps in between classes, but truly a good night’s sleep. It’s starting to make sense that not staying up all night and winding down before bed are smart and that you feel so much better the next day.
  23. You have your WHOLE life ahead of you. You can try out new things and find out who you truly are. There is plenty of time, so you can just enjoy life one adventure at a time.

It feels great to turn 23 and I’m so excited to see what all this year has in store!

C’est la vie,



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