You Probably Guessed It… Farmer Chris is the Next Bachelor


*photo cred to ABC (The Bachelor)

E! News recently posted an article announcing that Farmer Chris is the next Bachelor. We all guessed it from the second he left the show that we would see him again, but why was ABC so shady about it? Normally, on the After the Final Rose segment they announce who the new Bachelor/Bachelorette will be… but not this time. Host Chris did make a few remarks about finding out the new Bachelor and laughed Farmer Chris’ way, but there was no official announcement.

According to E!, Arie (from Emily’s season) was a contender. What a shock! It’s generally always one of the top guys left from the previous season and honestly, shouldn’t Arie have found someone by now? E! is a pretty credible source and rumors about Farmer Chris began a long time ago, but I’m not going to get too comfortable considering there STILL hasn’t been an official announcement from ABC. Considering the show has been over for a little while, I feel like the announcement won’t have as much excitement. The chatter about the next Bachelor has died down and no one seems to be sitting on the edge of their seat waiting to find out who he is.

A lot of girls are pumped for Farmer Chris to star in this season, but honestly, I’m indifferent. He’s nice and all… but I’m not sure I’m into the whole farmer, your wife has to live in the middle of nowhere, secret admirer thing. What do you think? Are you dying to see Farmer Chris again?

C’est la vie,



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