The End of T.Swift as We Know It?

In case you haven’t already seen this monstrosity of a music video, please check out the above from Taylor Swift. I’ll be the first to say, I was a T.Swift lover from day one, but seriously, can she get any more annoying and cliche? What happened to our favorite, innocent country star that we were singing along “Our Song” with. One thing I used to love about her is that she wrote her own songs and heck, maybe she still does, but what is this?

Before people come running to her defense, I know she made a statement that this was fully a pop album that she didn’t want confused with country music, but seriously? It was bad enough when they started adding electric guitars and sound effects to her original songs, but really?

I understand that Miley’s crazy transformation has been an incredible revamping/media stunt for her, but come on Taylor. This was a bad move. Unfortunately, the song itself was probably really catchy, but I could barely listen as I watched the video in shock. Like I genuinely thought it was a joke… you know, part of a skit for SNL or something, but no, it’s legit.

Maybe, I’ve just fallen out of the teeny bopper stage of life and maybe it will be a big hit, but it’s no hit in my book T.

C’est la vie,



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