Addicted to Online Shopping

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Everyone has their own addictions whether it be gossiping, drinking, eating, etc. We all have things that we cannot get enough of. For me, it’s online shopping! What’s terrible about this addiction is that I don’t have the financial means to support my habit. It’s sounds like I’m a drug addict, but seriously it’s almost as bad.

I love the fact that I can follow my favorite brands through social media and scoping out great outfits is effortless. I can be sitting on my couch in sweats, munching on kettle corn, watching Orange is the New Black, all while purchasing the newest trendy pieces. Not to mention, it doesn’t feel like you’re spending money (which is both good and bad). I was taught to be frugal growing up. So when I go shopping in stores, I find myself picking up items, just to walk around and put them back down again. It’s like I know I want it, but after thinking about the price on the tag and pulling out my card to swipe, it’s just not worth it.

With online shopping, it’s different. For one, I can let it sit in my cart and come back to it whenever I want. Secondly, it never feels as bad. My favorite brands have all of my payment information saved, so I just get to the end and click the button to purchase. There’s no reluctant swiping of the card or handing over money to a cashier. Not to mention, days later I get a gift at my doorstep. It’s all a rush and very exciting.

Needless to say, I know many of you love online shopping just as much as I do. Despite the fact that it might not be that healthy for me, I don’t intend to stop anytime soon. So, I’d like to offer you up some of my favorite brands to shop for online. You’re welcome!

1. Red Dress Boutique


Red Dress constantly keeps me coming back for more. Each morning I’m greeted with new arrivals on my Instagram, as well as in my inbox. Any time I get on my Facebook page, I see a status about a new great item or a sponsored ad on the side reminding me to stop by. Many times they offer free shipping if you spend $50 and they always send my packages with a handwritten note calling me Gorgeous or Beautiful. What can I say? Flattery goes a long way. What’s funny is that when I lived in Athens, I would always stop in to look at the clothes, but really only purchased one item in 4 years. Now that I no longer live there, I find myself constantly on their website purchasing. It’s like the prices don’t seem quite as bad online and the pieces look so much better with the way they put them together on the models. Red Dress gets an A+ and is by far my favorite place to shop online.

2. Just Fab

BLOG2Just Fab reeled me in with their silly commercials and outstanding shoe prices. They make it almost impossible to cancel your subscription once you sign up, but once you get too lazy to go through the process, you’re glad you stayed. Every pair of shoes on the site is only $39.95. So you can look and choose the shoes you really want, knowing price isn’t a factor. What I really love is that they work with my budget. The idea behind it is that you are supposed to purchase a pair of shoes each month to be a VIP member/part of the club, BUT they allow you to skip each month if you want. Therefore, if buying a pair of shoes just isn’t in the budget this month or you don’t see a pair you like, you can skip it and just come back the next month. Not to mention, they send me personalized picks and fabulous shoes to my inbox.

3. The Rage

BLOG3I honestly can’t tell you how I found out about The Rage. They must do some great marketing online because they are not a local company for me, but I ADORE them. They’re another great site that pairs up stellar outfits and is so incredibly, aesthetically appeasing.  Not to mention, I’m constantly getting emails with their newest items and sales going on. They are really user friendly and ship to you quickly.

4. Hope’s

BLOG4Hope’s takes a neat approach to finding it’s customers. They have reps that have their own Shop Hope’s social media sites and follow you. Following my rep back was one of the best decisions I ever made. She constantly posts about new arrivals, giveaways and discounts and truly feels like just another one of your friends. Hope’s has great prices and is really trendy, so following them is worth your while.

A few other great sites to name are,,,, plus a ton more, but the four listed above definitely take the cake. Check them out and let me know what you think!

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